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in a short and concise manner

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Charting the fallout of a hit-and-run fatality from the perpetrator's perspective, this gripping if ostentatiously spare film boasts pristine production values, topped by lustrous lensing of Norwegian locales, and a tersely moving performance from Birgit Minichmayr, but its self-admiring tone and iffy narrative parallels lessen its impact.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz tersely told the troubled actress what she can expect if she pleads guilty or no contest in the felony case.
Woods tersely replied he would relishasinglesshowdownwiththe 21-year-old European rookie on Sunday, although Pavin last night ruled out any deal with rival skipper Colin Montgomerie to get the clash Ryder Cup fans crave.
Well, we're trying to get your opinion," was the riposte to which he tersely responded: "As I said, I did what I did and it didn't work.
The kennels issued a tersely worded statement at the start of the month, stating that Penny's new owners had been told of the situation but were refusing to part with her.
Commissioner Olli Rehn on Monday tersely said that additional measures must be taken by the Greek government in order to meet a Stability & Growth Programme target of cutting its double-digit budget deficit by four percentage points in 2010.
Summary: Lebanon and a number of other countries are failing to comply with international measures governing the diamond trade, a tersely worded report said last week.
In a tersely written 35-word, two-sentence announcement, bankrupt General Motors has announced its departure from the midrange truck business.
A senior City official, when told of a statement on Robinho's website where the 12-goal striker vowed to be back in Manchester in time to face Newcastle at Eastlands on January 28, tersely replied: "An apology to Mark would have been nice as well.
Zachary Mason purports to be one or the other, or perhaps both at once, claiming in his introduction to The Lost Books of the Odyssey that the work is a decryption of an ancient document comprising fragmentary and contradictory outtakes from the legend of Odysseus, a document so fiendishly encoded and tersely written that the resulting translation may be merely "the product of over-interpretation and of chance" In fact, this not-quite plausible introduction is the first of almost fifty note-perfect short fictions, literary origin myths in the tradition of Calvino's Invisible Cities or Gorodischer's Kalpa Imperial.
And although it's tersely written and titled like a popular-science book, Four Laws is a textbook both in essence and in structure.
The teenager from Rice Lane, Walton, tersely replied: "Only if you're prepared to pay us.
A short while ago Mr K Sykes of Paddock noted tersely in our letters column that he'd seen a 'flying flea' at the Longwood Sing one year when he was a boy.