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Synonyms for terror

Synonyms for terror

great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation or the realization of danger

Synonyms for terror

an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety

a person who inspires fear or dread

the use of extreme fear in order to coerce people (especially for political reasons)

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DFA Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano on Tuesday called on all Filipinos abroad to be vigilant in the wake of another terror attack in the US.
Russia's Federal Security Service has foiled the activity of a deeply clandestine terror group of the Islamic State international terrorist organization, which plotted terror attacks, which included the participation of suicide bombers, in Moscow during the New Year holidays and the Russian presidential elections," the FSB's Public Information Center said, TASS reported.
The attendees denounced the terror incident, calling on all countries, through their embassies in Egypt, to organise a demonstration in Egypt to denounce the incident.
He said that the nurseries of terror must be removed and all terrorists, their supporters and financiers must be apprehended and brought before the law.
The national counter terror budget is PS707 million, while the Government's projected cuts of 7.
New Delhi [India], Sept 27 ( ANI ): Hearing in the terror funding case against Jammu and Kashmir's separatist leader Shabir Shah and his close aide Aslam Wani is now adjourned to October 13.
A secret investigation into conspiracy against the internal security of the State by means of tracking the movements of police and the military and exchanging information with terrorists abroad was initiated three and a half months ago by the Public Prosecutor at the Anti-Terror Judicial Pole, in collaboration with the anti- terror squad.
According to the Inter Services Public Relations, the FC during various search operation apprehended two terror suspects having links with a banned outfit from Killi Ismail area of Quetta while another was rounded up from Zhob.
Using a wide definition of the term "terror" drawn from residential schools, overseas conflicts and the American "war on terror," the authors seek to explain the ways in which terror shapes and defines the lives of racialized and Indigenous women, activists and scholars in the global North.
India is also getting support from its neighbours Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who have launched frontal attacks to expose Pakistan's involvement in terror in their countries.
Dubai: Though sleep terrors and sleep walking are associated with school-going children they are not the only ones affected by it.
The government of Bulgaria has adopted draft legislation that gives law enforcement and security agencies rights to curb civil liberties in case of a terror emergency.
The Turkish nation, all too familiar with terror attacks, has started to question other issues since last July: Why would terror organizations ever target large cities?
17 (BNA): President of the Terror Crime Prosecution Advocate General Ahmed Al-Hammadi announced the completion of investigations into a case linked to manufacturing and possessing explosives in a warehouse in Dar Kulaib and joining a terror group.
MANAMA, Dec 20 (KUNA) -- Bahrain Terror Crime Prosecution Chief Attorney General Ahmed Al-Hamadi said Saturday that five people have been remanded in custody pending investigation in connection with the terror blast which left one on-duty policeman dead in Demistan on December 8.