territorial waters

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the waters surrounding a nation and its territories over which that nation exercises sovereign jurisdiction

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"In other words, the fact that the United States has criminal jurisdiction over its flagged vessels does not preclude Canada from exercising its own jurisdiction when conduct aboard the vessel affects Canada's 'peace, dignity or tranquility.' And even if the United States had jurisdiction over the vessel while it was in Canada's territorial waters, it does not follow that Alaska has the same jurisdiction, because nothing in AS Section 44.03.010 indicates that the legislature intended to assert jurisdiction over an Alaskan vessel operating outside the territorial waters specifically described in the statute." [Slip op.
The Department of Foreign Affairs said it has already filed diplomatic protests over the unauthorized transits of Chinese warships in Philippine territorial waters.
It was the second Saudi vessel this month which trespassed on Iran's territorial waters and its crew were arrested.
The ministry specified countries "that are witnessing internal conflicts" such as Yemen and Libya, discouraging fishermen from unlicensed fishing in their territorial waters.
"But he was able to contact them again on November 9 when he told them that he and his friends had been arrested by the Iranian Coast Guard although they were in UAE territorial waters."
Father of Rashid Ahmed Buharun, one of the arrested nationals, said his son went fishing in Dubai territorial waters with his friends Saeed bin Sarm, Saeed Al Falasi, and Saud Sultan Ali Mohammed.
Participants lifted slogans condemning the Eritrean practices against Yemeni fishermen and the repeated violations of the Yemeni territorial waters.
Summary: Tokyo: Japan said a Chinese government ship briefly entered its territorial waters off disputed islands ...
Brigadier Ali Raf'e, head of the Yemen Coast Guard, told the Yemen Times that a group of six sailors were about to be blown out from Yemeni territorial waters and into Sudanese waters because of the changes in weather conditions.
Dozens of Taiwanese fishing boats escorted by Taiwanese government patrol ships entered Japanese territorial waters off the Senkaku Islands on Tuesday morning, in the first such incident involving Taiwanese vessels since the Japanese government nationalized the territory that is claimed by Taiwan and China.
supported Lebanon's right to exploit all its natural resources in its territorial waters. "I stressed that the U.N.
Lebanon's joint parliamentary committees discussed Thursday a draft law concerning the oil resources which are said to be present in the country's territorial waters, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Friday.
The statement said, "it should be recalled that at the Aegean Sea there is no maritime jurisdiction area beyond territorial waters. Therefore, the maritime area lying beyond territorial waters at the Aegean Sea has the status of high seas.
INTERIOR Minister Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa yesterday lauded steps taken by national educational institutions in support of students who are among the fishermen held in Qatar for straying into its territorial waters.