territorial division

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In this part the Author explains basic concepts such as: territorial division, and administrative division, referring to extensive literature on this subject.
"The law on the new territorial division is enforced but it contains flaws and the mayors know these problems the best.
The Turkmen Parliament has introduced amendments in the administrative and territorial division of Ashgabat city, Turkmenistan State News Agency reported.
The Law on territorial division foresees unification of the municipalities from the Kicevo region in 2013.
Municipalities with majority of Albanians are more and more displeased by the existing territorial division. They assess that in 2004 nobody took the cadastral division into consideration when the municipal borders were drawn out, which would provide financial independence to municipalities.
Some Albanian municipalities in Macedonia consider that the Law on Territorial Division, passed in 2004, is discriminative.
"Any type of territorial division planned by Serbians will cause a problem on the Balkans.
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