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Synonyms for terrifically

(used as an intensifier) extremely well

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(The look of this production was terrifically enhanced by Deanna Finnman's posh costuming.) Caitlin Wood had more to sing, and used every opportunity to reinforce her character's obtuse egotism with decibels galore and broad comedic gestures.
But London art dealer John said: "He'd have enjoyed Andy's game because he has a great range of ground shots, he's a terrifically talented all-round player and, like my father, he's a great stylist."
Ellis also highlighted that the US film industry, whose share in the global market grew from 57.3 percent in 2010 to 58.4 percent in 2011, may not be growing currently, but "internationally the market is doing terrifically well, here and throughout other nations." ( ANI )
Matthew Rhys turned in a terrifically sinister performance in The Mystery of Edwin Drood this week.
A strong, terrifically balanced greyhound, he will provide another exciting dimension to what promises to be a vintage williamhill.com Derby.
"The big bonus is Jason Steele did terrifically well at Chesterfield."
Paul Howard's cleverly skilful soft tinged drawings and colouring works terrifically well and looks superb.
The result is a terrifically 'kid friendly' picturebook that will make an enduringly popular addition to family, school, and community library collections for young and appreciative readers.
"Spirit Horses" is a terrifically rewarding read and a highly recommended addition to community library collections.
He added: "I was terrifically impressed by the speed at which each helicopter can reach the scene of an incident, anywhere in the north of England."
"I saw a lot of him when he played for Colchester and this season, under Mick McCarthy, he has done terrifically well as a target player and is scoring goals."
Although perhaps in terms of originality and far-sighted dramatic flourish, nothing could beat Notes on a Scandal, The Believers is still a terrifically observed and pacey story about the conflicts of the human condition.
It was obvious the cast had worked terrifically hard getting it as perfect as it was.
There is a terrifically entertaining little brother, Charles, who tries to help his older sisters, and shows courage and intuitive strength whenever it's needed.