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Synonyms for terrifically

(used as an intensifier) extremely well

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The big bonus is Jason Steele did terrifically well at Chesterfield.
I saw a lot of him when he played for Colchester and this season, under Mick McCarthy, he has done terrifically well as a target player and is scoring goals.
Although perhaps in terms of originality and far-sighted dramatic flourish, nothing could beat Notes on a Scandal, The Believers is still a terrifically observed and pacey story about the conflicts of the human condition.
It was obvious the cast had worked terrifically hard getting it as perfect as it was.
There is a terrifically entertaining little brother, Charles, who tries to help his older sisters, and shows courage and intuitive strength whenever it's needed.
It's terrifically hot, and the performers shift their locations.
But when the local busybodies and a suspicious Sheriff Snodgrass intervene, a simple bus ride turns into a terrifically involved and complicated adventure for this band of orphans
I found her very direct, very matter-of-fact and terrifically nice,'' Levison said.
Geordie road-runner Steve Bowey played terrifically for Gateshead when I was their chairman and he's gone on to fashion a good career.
In The Man, a terrifically unfunny comedy that came and went earlier this year, Samuel L.
Women and girls comprise more than 80 percent of the estimated 800,000 victims of human trafficking, and women remain terrifically vulnerable to violence during war or at the hands of boyfriends, husbands, or other family members.
For the work of an artist who very recently reflected that "generally, to me, people, human beings, are not terrifically interesting to look at in photographs," "The Nightclub Portraits" stands as a unique exercise in contradiction to the Eggleston we thought we knew.
We thought we'd look smart when it came to finding a car that would be ideal for travelling around town, but the cars are also terrifically economical and stylish.
The results were still excellent, with a terrifically refined stereo-sound presentation.
Andrea Mann's over-the-top XXXPosed, featuring the terrifically funny Linda Kash as a sex-starved urban professional, is a classic comedy with great comedic set-ups and imaginative use of public statues.