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As previously reported, newly created Terrier Media, which will take on the Cox Media Group name,will become the 100% indirect owner of licensee Cox Radio.
| Bedlington terrier Zeke is the new mascot for Bedlington Terriers DAN DANGLER
Typical terrier, they like chasing animals - particularly badgers, foxes and otters.
98 Welsh terrier Likes to chase badgers, foxes and otters.
He took the terrier to a vet in Kiti who found that it had died as a result of the attack.
The 70-year-old said he met a friend to walk Jack every day but, as he returned to his car to get the lead, a black Lakeland terrier ran up, tore the dog from his friend's arms and began to attack him.
Szirom's dog Cinnamon, a shih tzu, is listed on the Two Terriers' website as "director of treats."
Labradors were also the most popular dog in the SR postcode district where Staffordshire bull terriers came second with 8.5% and west Highland white terriers were third with 6.9%.
Agents and brokers can help by reviewing the customer's needs and pointing out some coverage issues that the customer may not be aware of, advises Michael Terrier, senior yacht underwriter and yacht department manager for the Maritime Program Group, Westbrook, Conn.
How can we ever hope to get the cruelty of terrier work taken seriously when the Tories are already planning to turn back the clock to the 'bloody' dark ages.
Terriers "captain" 8-Ball (Michael Horsley) and his Lady Macbeth moll Eve (Alyssa Watson) have their corrosive sights set on wannabe Terrier Aldo (Danyal Roberts), a talented runner with a bright future - depending on his decision.
OWNERS of the renowned North East breed of Bedlington terrier got together yesterday for a charity dog walk...