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Terrestrially produced ZBLAN is currently used for fiber lasers, medical devices, and other near infrared applications.
AIDAAS is essentially DVB-S (digital video broadcast-satellite) transmitting terrestrially on a comparatively low power consumption, which makes it environmentally safer than other existing technologies.
While most of the new free-to-air channels are existing caners anxious to make it big terrestrially, the only truly new player is Gallic billionaire industrialist Vincent Bollore's Direct8.
As these clumsy tetrapods slowly became more mobile and terrestrially comfortable, their efforts to move more efficiently became an evolutionary force.
These modern amphibians that can lay eggs on land and have direct development suggested a model for a transitional animal between the aquatically reproducing amphibians and the terrestrially reproducing early amniotes," says Carroll.
Still, cosmic justice, in this case, is neither as terrestrially compelling nor as lunatically humorous as it has been in previous Lem novels.
The programming of Tele 5 is distributed nationwide via cable and terrestrially.
SatCHOICE also is welcomed by regional telecommunications operators looking to partner with satcom service providers to connect customer sites that cannot be reached terrestrially.
Amhara TV is an important part of the developing media landscape in Ethiopia, and will be available both terrestrially and via the Nilesat free-to-air satellite service.
These results suggest that habitual climbing by Twa and Agta men changes the muscle architecture associated with ankle dorsiflexion," said the scientists, demonstrating that a terrestrially adapted foot and ankle do not exclude climbing from the behavioral repertoire of human hunter- gatherers, or Lucy.
Channel 4 willnextyear take over coverageof the Grand National, Royal Ascot, the Derby and BritishChampionsDayafter beating the BBC to win exclusiverights t oteleviseBritish racing terrestrially between 2013and2016.
In order to cover the whole country terrestrially, the ministry has about 20 medium-wave transmission stations, as well as about 130 TV and FM transmission stations of different power levels.
Saudi MOCI has chosen a wide range of Harris transmitters, which have been deployed across multiple Saudi TV and Radio facilities to allow for the broadcast of audio and TV programmes terrestrially throughout the kingdom.
The current experiment of making the villages of Llansteffan and Ferryside all-digital is flawed as the BBC 2 Wales signal still has to be transmitted terrestrially.
The Egyptian-owned channel will operate terrestrially for six months before being transmitted via satellite to gain a wider Middle Eastern audience.