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in a worldly manner


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Members of the consobrinus exerge are relatively small, their dorsolateral light stripes tend to be bright, dorsal spotting is usually present in both sexes except in the bleached, arenicolous taxa, and all are terrestrially cursorial.
The National - terrestrially preserved but presumably still carrying JCR hopes for full commercial exploitation - was bundled into the Channel 4 deal by media rights negotiator RMG, many of whose strings are pulled by the Jockey Club.
These radars cue terrestrially based BMD elements so they can attempt to intercept the missile.
Dyckia mirandiana was found growing terrestrially, as a heliophyte, on an almost flat or slightly inclined terrain, with the sub-globose basal portion of the plants completely sunk in sandy soil accumulated among quartzitic outcrops in Campos Rupestres vegetation.
The Egyptian-owned channel will operate terrestrially for six months before being transmitted via satellite to gain a wider Middle Eastern audience.
Parts of Wales already have access to satellite and digital terrestrial television technology which gives viewers access to channels which parts of the country are not able to receive terrestrially, such as Channel 4 and Channel 5.
Hatchling and adult K flavescens, which are freeze intolerant, overwinter terrestrially but hibernate well below the frost line (Iverson 1991 b).
If flow is slow enough, aerobic microbial metabolism of terrestrially produced organic matter could lower [O.sub.2] content of groundwater.
For Derham this was a first victory in a terrestrially televised race and it was followed by his first post-race interview with Derek Thompson.
It grows either terrestrially or epiphytically on the floor of Brazilian forests, and I have found that if its medium or leaf axils are permitted to dry out you will see dry, brown leaf tips and margins very quickly.
In the commercial communications business, terrestrially based cellular networks and fiber optics helped drive Iridium, a satellite-based system, into bankruptcy.
Subsequently shown terrestrially on C4 earlier this year, audience figures have nose-dived after a promising and much publicized launch.
"Taking into account that a terrestrially televised race generates, on average, two and a half times the turnover that of a non-terrestrial race, the calculations suggest that this pounds 1m has been more than recouped by additional levy.
Cryptanthus giganteus was found growing terrestrially on the deep shaded floor of a dry, semideciduous vine-rich Atlantic forest fragment in the low altitudinal lands of the Municipality of Sao Roque do Canaa, which is characterized by only two distinct climatic seasons; a dry one followed by a rainy period.