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level space where heavy guns can be mounted behind the parapet at the top of a rampart

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It had been reused as retaining wall for the upper tier of citadel terreplein fill north of the bastion, and its two semi-circular or three-quarter round towers remained intact as late as 1661-2 through 1669.
By contrast, remnants (foundations) of the adjacent segment of the old north wall or any of its parts may be difficult to access, buried as they are at least twice over (a) under the seventeenth-century terreplein fill (1627-44) of the Portuguese north-west blunt-angle bastion (Great Bastion [Eng.
1644, when a Muslim detachment intent on seizing the Castelo velho had to make its way down from the Baluarte do Cangrejo to the unfinished terreplein using their cloaks tied into a rope ladder).
the contract includes construction of a wharf structure to about 380 ml and terreplein adjoining heavy load of 10t / m with construction of a berth and a rear handling platform, about 180 ml of useful length, and all of the associated VRD.
The services will be performed primarily on rights of roads, industrial areas, green areas, and parking terrepleins of military sites of the departments 22, 29 and 56.