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Synonyms for terrene

relating to or characteristic of the earth or of human life on earth

Synonyms for terrene

of or relating to or inhabiting the land as opposed to the sea or air

belonging to this earth or world


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Conrad according to paleomagenthic data of south of lut has shown that this terrene has rotated about 90[degrees]uncloak wise, from Paleocene until Miocene [3].
The most general features of the climate of Lithuania are determined by geographical latitude, solar radiation, atmospheric circulation and interaction of these factors with the terrene. From local factors, forming the climate of Lithuania, the most important is the dis tribution of continents, the ocean and the seas (Bukantis, Bartkeviciene 2005).
(13) "It must be owned, the wise men of old, who followed the light of nature, saw even by that light, that the soul of man was debased, and borne downwards, contrary to its natural bent, by carnal and terrene objects" (1650-1750.
By the end, the First Encyclopaedia of Tlon--at first known only through a copy of its Eleventh Volume, mysteriously dispatched from Brazil--has become a full terrene reality, manifesting in all forty volumes in Memphis, Tennessee and offered as an embodiment of an enormous project involving 300 collaborators called Orbis Tertius--described as "la obra mas vasta que han acometido los hombres" (Borges 1971d: 32) ("the vastest undertaking ever carried out by man"--English tr.
He cooked a starter of pressed terrene of roasted vegetables and goat's cheese with a tomato and basil dressing: the main course was char grilled medallion of Welsh Beef with a cassoulet of spring pulses, boulangiere potatoes and cardamom spiced carrots.
In his Sermon of Christ Crucified (1570), Foxe had voiced a widely held sentiment amongst reformists facing Catholic persecution that there was a continuous theory of power extending from the divine patriarch to temporal princes: 'Briefly, if the wrath of a terrene king in thys earth, be death (as the wise king speaketh in the Scripture): what is it then to be under the wrath of the almighty king of all kinges, and God of all creatures.' (37) The role of the earthly ruler as potential protector for those whose beliefs brought them into conflict with the papacy was never underestimated by the reformists; and repeatedly The Actes and Monuments accuses malignant advisers and Catholic representatives of wrongdoings and deflects moral condemnation from the monarchs themselves.
3-7, 1992, Corvallis, OR, Terrene Institute, Washington, DC.
(25) In 1875, the Supreme Court, in The 'Lottawanna', (26) made clear that the international sources of maritime law, distinct from the terrene common law, informed the development of United States maritime law as a distinct branch of municipal law.
Since Swinburne does not believe in an afterlife, the obvious answer to the question is "No." Nevertheless, he asks another question: "Does the dim ground grow any fruit of ours, / The faint fields quicken any terrene root?" (ll.
148) does not apply to heroes, for they, like Gods, are above the terrene enterprises of common men.
Yet some, I ween, Not unforgiven the suppliant knee might bend, As to a visible Power, in which did blend All that was mixed and reconciled in Thee Of mother's love with maiden purity, Of high with low, celestial with terrene! (Wordsworth, 180)
However, his vision of eternity still betrays an excessive attachment to merely terrene impermanence.
Myers believed that telepathy and telaesthesia "cannot have been acquired by natural selection, for the preservation of the race, during the process or terrene evolution" (Vol.