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Synonyms for terpsichorean

a person who dances, especially professionally


Synonyms for terpsichorean

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Cohan's New Follies Review, she realized that a terpsichorean future was probably not in the offing.
Like their daughters, Michelle Obama is also a little embarrassed by her husband's terpsichorean skills.
In terms of style, skill, timing, cadence, vocal range, Terpsichorean flair and pure entertainment value, Jim's virtuoso performance simply towered over some of the contributions from his illustrious parents and brothers.
She lends her name to the word terpsichorean which means 'of or relating to dance'.
In Melbourne, Rowe faced limited competition, well short of what Malcom faced in Sydney--chiefly a 'degraded' 900-seat Queens Theatre, the Salle de Valentino and the Terpsichorean Hall--and the entertainment demands of a grossly swelled and gold-enriched population.
For a while, however, the road paved with terpsichorean gold had hit a dead end: After the success of the MGM musicals of the '50s like Singin' in the Rain and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and such '60s hits as West Side Story, by the 1970s, tastes had changed.
Robert Bruhaker was a strong vocal presence as Mao and Richard Paul Fink, as Kissinger, brought some real terpsichorean flair to his Simon Legree role in the "Red Detachment of Women" ballet.
Sushil Goyal, the IDCA President, Pete Zegarac, Lou Rohde, and Madlene Moseley displayed dazzling terpsichorean talent.
Choreographer William Forsythe is one of New York's brightest terpsichorean sons, although his company has been based in Germany since the 1970s.
The notion of human brushes was taken further in South African choreographer Paul Datlen's work Terpsichorean Palette or Dance for Art's Sake (1993), in which the dancers painted the floor cloth with their bodies.
Organisers are describing Kabarett Babel as "a night of decadent cabaret, louche musicianship and terpsichorean excess in the heart of Liverpool.
Over all brooded the 'Tommys and Bettys' of Northern tradition, or the 'old farmer' and his 'wife', of the 'County of Broad Acres', admonishing and encouraging the 'lads of the village' in their exposition of centuries-old terpsichorean movements.
Greene, The Terpsichorean Monitor (Providence, 1889), p.
Great fan of all the different sorts of animal-based terpsichorean arts, in fact.
An account of the famous Catalog Aria, for example, is as memorable for his terpsichorean antics as for his perfect patter-song delivery.