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an unsaturated hydrocarbon obtained from plants

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The various compounds that are present in this species may harbor interesting chemical properties; for example, the plant may possess phenolic and terpenic substances with allelopathic properties.
Therefore, terpenic oil has been used in the pharmaceutical industry, perfume industry, food additives and other chemical industries due to its pleasant fragrance (Mercier et al.
Essential oil of plant is a mixture of great number of terpenic components synthesizes in the cells of the leaf trichomes and stored in the glandular hairs of aerial parts (GIANNOULI & al.
The chemical treatments modify the topography of the fiber due to dissolution and extraction of surface impurities, waxes, oil terpenic agents, etc.
However, soldiers in the subfamily Nasutitermitinae (Termitidae) have a frontal projection, called a "nasus", from which a defensive terpenic substance is secreted (Prestwich, 1983).
Recovery and distribution of natural antioxidants (a-tocopherol, polyphenols and terpenic acids) after pan-frying of Mediterranean finfish in virgin olive oil.
Terpineol and terpenic alcohol also contribute to the diruretic properties of juniper oil.
There are chapters describing the use of each of these techniques to characterize protein paint binders, terpenic resins, lipids, and wax.
Retention and distribution of natural antioxidants ([alpha]-tocopherol, polyphenols and terpenic acids) after shallow flying of vegetables in virgin olive oil.
Terpenic olefin epoxidation using metals acetylacetonates as catalysts.