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status with respect to the relations between people or groups


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Term limits work to promote diversity in the Legislature.
Stung by criticism that voters are being deliberately misled, some City Council members sought Tuesday to distance themselves from controversial campaign mailers sent out by backers of a term limits/ethics reform measure on the November ballot.
The distinction between our group and Citizens for Long Term Care, as well as the Long Term Care Campaign, which has been around for a while, is that they're focusing on the issue for the presidential campaign, while we're focusing on a congressional session that's been offering several opportunities for meaningful legislative change.
In a stinging rebuke to the Los Angeles City Council, a judge yanked a measure off the November ballot that would have given council members an extra four-year term, saying it unconstitutionally combined the issue with ethics reform.
So it's no surprise that the next challenge to term limits comes here.
The disability income rider for American General Life's ROP Term not only offers clients disability coverage, but--should the disability benefit not be needed--the return of premium benefit refunds 100 percent of the premium paid for the disability rider (less disability benefits paid), at age 65 or the end of the level-premium period of the ROP Term policy, whichever is sooner.
If they are going to extend the terms for the council by three years, the same logic should apply to the mayor and other citywide offices,'' Chick said.
But wherever voters have had the chance to enact term limits, they've done so.
In a unanimous closed-door decision, Los Angeles County supervisors on Tuesday agreed to hire attorneys at taxpayer expense to help overturn voter-approved term limits on the district attorney and the county assessor - a move requested by both officials.
Jansen, Spink, and Saracevic (2000) report the distribution of the frequency of use of terms in queries as highly skewed.
In 1994, 59 percent of Idaho voters approved an initiative limiting terms for federal elected officials, state constitutional officers, members of the state legislature, local government officials, and school district officials.
In terms of numbers of Americans affected directly or, as adult children, indirectly, long-term care needs continue to grow.
This shift could signal the fact that investors are looking at shorter-holding terms, or that property mangers are looking for better performance in terms of revenue in order to indicate worthiness to building owners.
In terms of the product design, aspects to consider include underwriting structure, premium rates, benefits and commissions.