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Synonyms for terminate

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Synonyms for terminate

to bring or come to a natural or proper end

to relinquish one's engagement in or occupation with

to stop suddenly, as a conversation, activity, or relationship

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Synonyms for terminate

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For example, if an Employer terminates on account of a Contractor's breach, it is common for the Employer to not be required to make further payment to the Contractor until the cost of completing the works (and therefore of engaging an alternative contractor) has been determined.
Customers and other potential local partners may identify the distributor so closely with your products that it becomes very difficult for you to terminate your distributor without risking severe damage to your business in Japan.
* PHAs may terminate tenancy for drug crimes committed on or off the premises.
For the past decade, physicians have prescribed methotrexate off-label to terminate ectopic pregnancies- -the life-threatening condition in which fertilized eggs grow outside the uterus.
Finally, termination paragraphs may contain a provision that allows either party to terminate the agreement without a reason (without cause) upon the giving of notice to the other party.
Such a clause will specify who can terminate, when they can terminate and on what conditions.
The terminated daily wages employees, however, staged demonstration in protest of the management's action to terminate them.
In accordance with Article 707(1) of the Civil Code, an employer or main contractor may terminate the contract and stop performance of the work at any time prior to the completion of the work, provided that the terminating party compensates the other party.
The CSX case is consistent with most prior findings--although not with North Dakota State--that FICA wages include payments to employees who elect to terminate their employment.
citizen or resident; (2) corpus distributions must be made only to the current income beneficiary; (3) trust interests must terminate either on the beneficiary's death or the trust's termination; (4) trust assets must be distributed to the beneficiary if the trust terminates before death; and (5) S income must be distributed annually.
The parties also agreed that just cause to terminate an employee exists "if it is established that one or more of the findings of the background security check is directly related to his/her job functions or responsibilities, or that the continuation of employment would involve an unreasonable risk to property or to the safety or welfare of specific individuals or the general public or constitute a violation of any applicable governmental rule or regulation."
* A QSub election does not terminate solely because the parent S corp engages in an "F" reorganization;
If the drive is being adapted to a narrow bus, the adapter must pull up or terminate the high byte.
These require you to ensure that participants in both the spinoff group and the remaining group are as well-protected if the plan were to terminate after the spinoff as they would be if the plan had done so immediately before.