terminal emulation

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(computer science) having a computer act exactly like a terminal

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Flynet Viewer Terminal Emulation software provides an instant web browser based terminal emulation to key business systems, including Mainframe, iSeries, Unix, VMS or multivalue systems, on any device with zero client side software, all managed centrally via the Flynet Viewer administration centre.
Wavelink added that Catchwell's CW20 and CW30 ruggedised devices are all now pre-loaded with Wavelink Avalanche, which enables remote hands-free setup and management of hand-held devices, as well as Wavelink Terminal Emulation (TE), a complete environment available to every device running Wavelink TE at no additional cost, which includes Session Persistence, Screen Reformatter, as well as a high level of customisation with settings and configuration options and automation of data entry using scripting tools.
I would call such environments "Web-available" as they were essentially client-server systems with client and server running on remote machines and a small terminal emulation applet running to allow access to these machines.
Attachmate Corporation have announced Reflection 2007, a next-generation terminal emulation solution built specifically to take advantage of enhancements in Microsoft Windows Vista.
These applications include: FTP server and client, for custom network communication: HTTP server and client, for remote disk updating and file sharing; E-mail, for immediate notification and reporting; Terminal Emulation, for legacy terminal replacement and Print, for instant access reporting.
All operating systems are supported, including DOS, Windows[R] 2000, Windows[R] XP, and simple terminal emulation. Glacier Computer
With Stay-Linked, all terminal emulation software and client device/session control runs on the host platform, which enables optimum availability and productivity.
And what he was offering was certainly generous: the Windows XP desktop operating system and Office XP applications software for 14,000 PCs, supplemented with copies of the VirtualPC terminal emulation software (for legacy application access) and licensing and support terms extended well beyond the norm, all for the bargain price of EU27.3 million, according to reports.
The company is essentially a terminal emulation software provider, which competes with the likes of WRQ, NetManage, Hummingbird and IBM.
The unit supports 900MHz or 2.4GHz (802.11b) radio options and numerous terminal emulation standards for easy integration with most Warehouse Management System applications.
StarNet's line of X-Win32 PC X server products offer cost-effective X terminal emulation on networked Windows-based PCs and workstations.
Terminal emulation software provider Pixel Innovations Ltd is offering free site licenses to educational institutions in the UK.
Users of TLS include business, government and services development organizations and independent software vendors (ISVs) for creating a wide variety of applications requiring communications security, including electronic commerce and financial transactions, electronic data interchange, LDAP directory services, database connectivity, groupware and collaborative applications, terminal emulation and many others.
Often the lab will need secured access to internal data sources or require mainframe terminal emulation, screen scraping or a peer-to-peer interface.
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