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a person who serves a specified term

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The short termer woman who shows emotion through crying will gain very limited support from other women in prison or Screws.
The reductions in total time on within each group, particularly among long-termers, reinforce this.(19) TABLE 3 Percentage of Five-Year Period on AFDC-TANF, by Cohort and Welfare Dependency Welfare Dependency Status(b) Long- Short- Cohort(a) All Termer Termer Cycler 1985:2-1990:1 31 57 18 22 1986:2-1991:1 34 56 23 39 1987:2-1992:1 39 59 25 44 1988:2-1993:1 43 64 25 51 1989:2-1994:1 49 71 24 59 1990:2-1995:1 49 73 24 59 1991:2-1996:1 51 74 25 58 1992:2-1997:1 49 73 25 59 1993:2-1998:1 48 72 25 60 1994:2-1999:1 37 67 20 61 1995:2-2000:1 32 54 20 57 Note: Percentage of time on welfare is defined as the fraction of the sixty months in the five-year observation period in which the woman received an AFDC or TANF payment.
Police earlier said that local politics is the strongest motive behind the killing of Batocabe since he decided to run for mayor of Daraga as he was already a last termer as partylist representative.
Ali, he said, is a last termer for vice mayor of the Sapa-Sapa town of Tawi-Tawi and is being groomed to replace his father, the incumbent mayor of the same town.
Sorolla welcomed the delegates to the conference from both state and private institutions which totalled 663, a first in the history of AACCUP conferences, and a credit to the first termer president who was elected unanimously to the position last February, 2013, succeeding the outgoing President, Dr.
It's early days yet, but the Transit Connect is shaping up to be one of our most useful long termers. Yes, it'll occasionally get elbowed aside when more glamorous tackle appears in the car park, but I'm already formulating my bank of excuses as to why I need it for the weekend.
This parliament, though, has produced an entirely novel fourth group of 'S' retirees: single- termers. There are 10 so far - all in marginal seats, in which first-term incumbents would generally have at least a slight advantage.