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a person who serves a specified term

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The old Prime Care company has now been renamed Health EWords to reflect our concentration on the Smart Termer and other software.
The short termer woman who shows emotion through crying will gain very limited support from other women in prison or Screws.
TABLE 3 Percentage of Five-Year Period on AFDC-TANF, by Cohort and Welfare Dependency Welfare Dependency Status(b) Long- Short- Cohort(a) All Termer Termer Cycler 1985:2-1990:1 31 57 18 22 1986:2-1991:1 34 56 23 39 1987:2-1992:1 39 59 25 44 1988:2-1993:1 43 64 25 51 1989:2-1994:1 49 71 24 59 1990:2-1995:1 49 73 24 59 1991:2-1996:1 51 74 25 58 1992:2-1997:1 49 73 25 59 1993:2-1998:1 48 72 25 60 1994:2-1999:1 37 67 20 61 1995:2-2000:1 32 54 20 57 Note: Percentage of time on welfare is defined as the fraction of the sixty months in the five-year observation period in which the woman received an AFDC or TANF payment.
Damian Kelly, employment law partner at Eversheds in Birmingham, said: "If employers do not want to put a fixed termer on to a permanent contract, the motivation for this decision must take into account the needs of both the business and the worker.
We are very pleased to see Volvo Cars continuing the roll out of the latest MOST150 technology to the new S90, just a couple of months after the release of the new XC90 with MOST150 Technology said Dan Termer, Microchips Automotive vice president.
Sorolla welcomed the delegates to the conference from both state and private institutions which totalled 663, a first in the history of AACCUP conferences, and a credit to the first termer president who was elected unanimously to the position last February, 2013, succeeding the outgoing President, Dr.
We are excited to see the long-established MOST networking technology being easily accessed by automotive developers through standard Linux interfaces, said Dan Termer, vice president of Microchips Automotive Information Systems Division.
Along with Barney, another long termer, Spikey was also offered a home by another family.
The Toyota Vellfire emphasizes strength and luxury, and uses our MOST50 technology in its infotainment system to provide high-quality digital audio, said Dan Termer, vice president of Microchip s Automotive Information Systems Division.
We are excited about Toyota s latest implementation of our MOST50 technology in its Alphard infotainment system, said Dan Termer, vice president of Microchip s Automotive Information Systems Division.
His said his advocacies and attributes as a public officials was 'hugely influenced' by Santiago, whom he said he first met when he was a first termer and the youngest member of the House of Representatives.
We are very grateful that PSA PEUGEOT CITROEiN has chosen our MOST150 Coax Technology for the rapid prototyping of its bold Aircross SUV concept car, said Dan Termer, Microchip s Automotive vice president.