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a composition intended to indicate a student's progress during a school term

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The procedure for writing a term paper is extremely straight forward.
It is described as a hotbed of academic dishonesty, where jobless graduates are minting millions of shillings writing thesis and term papers for students in the United Kingdom.
Though you may see a term paper as merely a dreary obligation, it's not; it's a chance to learn something about a new topic, and that's what your professor is trying to get you to do.
Since I have gone paperless for a number of years now, the stack of term papers and projects that used to grow in my office cubicle is no more.
The analysis of mid- term paper of C-1-3 revealed that out of total 23 items having 50 marks, 52% were related to Remembering level, and 20% were related to Understanding level, and remaining 28% were constructed in accordance with the application level of Bloom's Taxonomy.
Typing up a term paper is way less painful when you're rocking a magnetic mani.
More often than not, Wikipedia is the starting place of many research paper, term paper and white paper writers.
Turning in a paper obtained largely from a term paper 'mill'/web site).
Term Paper Resource Guide To American Indian History
Thus, whereas "sabotaging someone else's work," "forging a university document," and "stealing an exam" were considered the most serious by faculty, students' perceptions of seriousness focused on "giving answers to someone else during an exam," "writing a term paper for someone else," and "having someone else write a term paper for you." In fact, for students, "sabotaging someone else's work" was not seen as serious.
Since both reflective and formal writing can be valuable and effective in helping students meet the educational objectives of the course and improve thinking and writing skills, the writing assignments consist of a journal and a term paper. These two requirements are discussed in more detail in the following sections.
how about having your precious naptime interrupted by that same jarring buzzer after you've pulled an all-nighter to get that term paper in on time.
There's not a hint that the author was at all useful for purposes other than a term paper that's due tomorrow.
The intended emphasis was on my abrupt transition from an electronics research lab in the Air Force to graduate studies in economics--followed in short order by an unexpected opportunity (which was created by Professor Brazelton himself) for me to present a term paper on Austrian macroeconomics at a professional meeting.
Young was an undergraduate student interested in entering social work, when she submitted a term paper to Professor Bella in 1994.