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Rodriguez's resolution suggested that the term of office of senators will be four years, from the current six years, but limited to three consecutive terms.
A report to full council said: "The council has discretion to set the period of time for an extension of absence until the term of office of a councillor has ended.
The Ambassador appreciated the people and the government of Sudan for the cooperation he received during his four --year term of office in Sudan.
The EGM resolved that no remuneration be paid to the members of the board of directors for a term of office ending at the end of the next Annual General Meeting in 2019.
The term of office of congressmen and senators is fixed by the Constitution, while the term of office of local government officials is fixed by the Local Government Code of 1991.
No process for the arrest or imprisonment of the President or a Governor shall issue from any court during his term of office.
Mongolia Foreign Minister Damdin Tsogtbaatar received Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kuwait to Mongolia on August 10, Khalid Yateem Al-Fadhli as his term of office is coming to an end, Montsame reports.
LEBANON'S Prime Minister-Designate Saad al Hariri met with Ambassador of Qatar to Lebanon HE Ali bin Hamad al Marri on the occasion of the end his term of office in the country.
PRESIDENT MuhammaduBuhari has officially announced his intention to run for a second term of Office in the 2019 elections.
The Government of the Republic of Botswana wishes to express her concern regarding the disturbing trend, whereby some political leaders refuse to relinquish power when their term of Office expires.
The Supreme Court has stated that it would convey its decision on President Maithripala Sirisenas' term of office to the President.
BOWLS NEW Erdington Court president David Mitchell marked his new term of office with a 102-79 win over the team of outdoor captain Peter Yates.
Plevneliev is not running for a second term of office. In 2009, when asked by daily 24 Chasa whether the so-called Capital circle had interfered in the choice of ministers, Borisov had fervently denied.
The term of office of members of the boards or commissions charged with the management or control of all charitable, penal or correctional institutions and institutions of higher learning of the State of Arkansas, now in existence or hereafter created, shall be five years when the membership is five in number, seven years when the membership is seven in number, and ten years when the membership is ten in number.
July 10, 2015 (ADDIS ABABA) -- South Sudanese youth groups living in different countries around the world on Thursday called on president Salva Kiir to step aside following expiry of his term of office. They also called upon Ugandan troops to leave the country.