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Synonyms for dorsum

the posterior part of a human (or animal) body from the neck to the end of the spine

the back of the body of a vertebrate or any analogous surface (as the upper or outer surface of an organ or appendage or part)

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Caglau'r mor neu gwyran (uchod) ac isod cregyn llong ar graig yn dangos y tergum a'r scutum Lluniau: Bethan Wyn Jones
First metasomal segment with coarse and large punctures on the sides of the swollen part, in other part punctures smaller and less deep; second metasomal tergum with coarse and large puncture on the sides (nearly as large as those on the sides of the firstmetasomal segment), elsewhere with minute punctures in addition to scattered large punctures.
Males can be distinguished from those of the nominate subspecies by the shape of the parameres and denticulation of the right medial lobe of the 8th tergum.
Winning plan Tergum Therapeutics and runner-up Interneer were created out of a collaboration between Anderson MBAs and students in UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).
Tergum of AB6 and AB8 bearing a median-dorsal tubercle; median-dorsal tubercle of AB8 longer than the median-dorsal tubercle of AB6; median-dorsal tubercles more produced than in the first instar.
10); tergum 10 with two pairs of long setulae and 3 pairs of shorter setulae; cerci rather elongate, proportion of length/width 3.
He further diagnosed the sister group relationships of Hydrometrinae and Limnobatodinae based on the absence of ocelli, the body with spinous macrohairs, pronotal lobe with almost parallel sides; the forewing venation reduced to two longitudinal veins and 1-2 crossveins; the abdominal tergum without paired, longitudinal ridges; the absence of an abdominal scent gland, and the egg shell with an open air-filled inner layer and outer plastron.
Tergum 9 sub-rectangular, with fleshy, setose cerci; tergum 10 conical.
I tergum (5+5) and on subcoxae 1 of legs I-III (3, 4, 4), as well as ms on Th.
docilis, in the that the propodeum is very weakly striate and its furrow is very weak, and the third metasomal tergum and sternum have pale apical bands (Fig.
Left to right: ventral view of sterigma and bursae copulatrix; lateral view of the papilla anal and Tergum VIII.
The pale coloration is yellow, the legs are black and yellow, and it has no spots on the scutum or second metasomal tergum.
7): tergum and sternum 7 greatly reduced; segment 8 with 2 strong diverging setae which project posteriad; hypopygial foramen left lateral; epandrium circular with phallus following curvature of epandrium; epandrial lobe with 2 apical setae; surstylus digitiform; postgonite present; cercus short, rounded.
First metasomal tergum short and wide, apparently with a pair of longitudinal dorsal carinae.