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(1993) of disarticulated shell valves of Teredo navalis and Bankia gouldi, respectively, revealed qualitative and quantitative differences in larval and post-larval morphological features (Figs.
Monks in her letter to Colonel Fries of the Los Angeles District of the Army Corps called her cottage a place of study and emphasized her efforts to study the destructive wood borers Teredo. (28) She tells Fries that the she does not know anyone in Washington D.
In an 1873 overview of the challenges of cable-laying, Sir James Anderson indicted 'teredo of all kinds' as 'an enemy of submarine cables'.
The mill's frame saws were "found to be most unsuitable for the type of timber it had to deal with" and teredo attacked logs "not stacked clear of mud" at the mill (Martine 1946: 43).
did so eat the timbers as that we greatly feared they would undoe us by gnawing through the ships side." (36) Presumably, Davis conflates two kinds of verminous threats: the dreaded shipworm, teredo navalis (actually a species of vermiform clam) that destroyed wood, and larvae from various insects that devastated food stores.
Applications, appliances, and services such as NAT-PT, bump in stack (BIS), stateless Internet protocol--Internet control message protocol (SIIT), static tunneling, tunnel broker, ISATAP, 6to4 tunneling, 6in4 tunneling, 6over4 tunneling, Teredo, NAT64, and 6rd (IPv6 rapid development) have been developed to support the interoperability between IPv4 and IPv6.
In [1] the performance of IPv6 tunneled traffic of Teredo and ISATAP in the test bed on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems are compared.
14) Upstream Downstream Aggregate Rank Application Share Application Share Application 1 BitTorrent 59.68% BitTorrent 21.63% BitTorrent 2 Skype 7.16% HTTP 20.47% HTTP 3 HTTP 7.02% YouTube 14.13% YouTube 4 PPStream 3.64% RTMP 4.58% RTMP 5 Spotify 2.91% Flash Video 3.99% Flash Video 6 SSL 2.66% iTunes 3.65% SSL 7 eDonkey 1.76% SSL 3.18% iTunes 8 YouTube 1.76% NNTP 2.73% Skype 9 Facebook 1.42% Facebook 1.71% NNTP 10 Teredo 1.18% Skype 1.42% PPStream Top 10 89.19% Top 10 77.49% Top 10 Aggregate Rank Share 1 28.40% 2 18.08% 3 11.93% 4 3.90% 5 3.38% 6 3.09% 7 3.07% 8 2.44% 9 2.30% 10 1.77% 78.36% SOURCE: SANDVINE NETWORK DEMOGRAPHICS Figure 4.
Cobra was the name for a woodworm, the foul smelling edible teredo mollusc the Liverpool blacks favoured, and Mahroot was obviously alluding to the contempt the English shared when referring to the French taste for snails.
He believes that the first ship was probably badly damaged by ice but that the second could still be in fairly good condition, particularly as the Teredo 'worms' that often bore into wooden ships aren't active this far north.
<p>Microsoft was aware that IPv6 is not available everywhere, so the company designed DirectAccess to take advantage of IPv6 transition tools such as 6to4, Teredo, and ISATAP.
Karst.) mit den Bohrmessgeraten Teredo, Resistopgraph 1410 und ImpulshammerSchallmesssystem.