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the third canonical hour


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TERCE evaluates three cognitive processes (recognition of information and concepts, understanding and application of concepts, and scientific thinking and problem solving), and five domains of knowledge (health, living beings, environment, the earth and the solar system, and matter and energy).
At Prime, Christ is judged by Annas, Caiphas, Pilate, and Herod; at Terce, Christ appears before Pilate, and at None, we find the Crucifixion.
La terce ra etapa correspondio a la evaluacion semi-masiva en los respectivos modulos de produccion.
We prayed seven times a day--vigils, lauds, terce, sext, none, vespers, and compline--in addition to daily Eucharist.
While the first two sonnets express apprehension, "Terce" (a mid-morning prayer associated with the Holy Spirit's descent) turns toward recognition.
Traditionally, the Carmelites are known for strict obedience to their prior residence in individual cells, constancy in prayer, the hearing of Mass every morning in the oratory of the community, vows of poverty and toil, daily silence from vespers until terce the next morning, abstinence from meat except in cases of illness, and frequent fasting.
It is noteworthy both (Terce 2002, Thomas 2000) Alienation may have clear effects representing in oddity of his thoughts, emotions and his sense of helplessness in performing skills, so it influences positively or negatively on motor performance This is what (Mohamed 2005) confirmed that alienation is one of psychological concepts related it contributes in knowing positive-negative behaviors of female student and recognizes the extant of possible achievement that can be obtained in school aspect Self-confidence is a psychological concept developing for the individual by experience, practice and perception.
The octavo fragments, for example, have only the incipits to the hymns and collects--at least for the three Short Hours that survive (Prime, Terce, and None)--whereas STC 15898 (and the Lambeth Palace reprint of STC 15875) gives the collects in full but supplies only the incipits when the hymns are repeated.
Jako terce jim slouzi portrety cinskeho prezidenta Chu Tin-tchaa ci modely cinskych policejnich vozu.
We sat on the high stall seats, faced the centre, and said the Office--Prime, Terce, Sext and None--all in Latin ...