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any agent that interferes with normal embryonic development: alcohol or thalidomide or X-rays or rubella are examples

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There is no evidence that sumatriptan (Alsuma, Imitrex, Imitrex Statdose, Sumavel DosePro, Zecuity) is a human teratogen but there is a possible increase in preterm birth.
The lesion described in our case 1 comes under group 8 of Frieden classification which occurs after teratogen exposure.
Teratogens are compounds that are known to cause malformation in embryos.
rerio embryos when exposed to teratogens. Similarly, in the present study, tail malformation such as bent tail, hook-like, and twisted tail (Fig 5 C, D, G) was the most marked morphological endpoint of embryos when exposed to the extracts of both C.
They suggested that "potential teratogens"--particularly benzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons--emitted from the wells, related infrastructures, or drilling processes could be a causal factor related to the health effects.
A possible contributing factor is that first pregnancies may be more likely to be unplanned and may be associated with more risk of maternal teratogen exposure and the effects of inadequate diet and nutritional deficiencies.
Fetal exposure to cocaine and a kind of snuff have been reported in two sirenomelia cases.9,11 Experimental animal studies showed that retinoic acid, cadmium, lead, Ochratoxin A, induced sirenomelia.12-14 But Holmes15 stated that there is no teratogen associated with sirenomelia.
Animal studies have suggested that the drug is a teratogen. Thus, it is being placed in pregnancy category X, which means that women of childbearing age must have a negative pregnancy test before starting teriflunomide therapy, and also must use effective birth control during treatment.
The sites of cell death vary depending upon the teratogen (or genetic insult) and the exposure time (i.e.
A teratogen is an agent that promotes physical defects in a developing embryo.
Nearly 15 years ago, in this same journal, we described congenital LCMV as an unrecognized teratogen and recommended further "research to define the frequency of LCMV" (2).
For over 30 years research has shown that alcohol is a teratogen that is capable of effecting the growth and development of the fetus from pre-embryonic and embryonic development through to and including fetal growth.
Teratogen: an agent (like a drug or a virus) that can cause birth defects.
Meclizine, an antihistamine used to treat nausea and vomiting, was proven a potent teratogen for rats, causing abnormalities such as cleft palate, small mouth, short limbs, receded lower jaw, and unclacified vertebral bodies in rat offspring (King, 1963).