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(medicine) a grossly malformed and usually nonviable fetus

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A study on the temporal structure of Estonian secondary-stressed feet by Pajusalu, Help, Lippus, Niit, Teras, Viitso (2005) has shown that multi-foot words in Estonian cannot be interpreted as identically structured sequences of feet and that the words are characterized by specific durational patterns.
Crispin was equally impressive at the RS Tera Worlds wrapping up the crown with a race to spare.
SUMMER arrived just in time for the most northerly venue of the Northern Tera Dinghy Travellers Series.
As some data from this study concerning the half-long vowel will be used in the current paper, a brief detailed overview of the results presented in Lehiste, Teras, Ernstreits, Lippus, Pajusalu, Tuisk, Viitso 2008 will hereby be given.
Pursuant to the agreement, the duration of the Option will be 5 years from the date of executing a Definitive Agreement, yet to be negotiated, in which Teras can earn a 100% interest in all 18 of Consolidated's properties by satisfying the following conditions:
There will be St David's Day celebrations in the Teras Bar led by Welsh jazz player Huw Warren, with hymns, in the evening.
3) First, it allows comparing words both with and without an initial consonant, and second, this way of calculating makes the Ingrian data comparable to the data from other Finnic languages, as syllable-initial consonants are usually excluded from syllable duration (Lehiste 1960 : 54; Lehiste, Teras, Ernstreits, Lippus, Pajusalu, Tuisk, Viitso 2008 : 41; Asu, Lippus, Teras, Tuisk 2009 : 53-54).
O'n i'n feichiog gyda fy merch hynaf pan naethon ni symud o'n ty teras cynta' ni yn Nhreganna, Caerdydd.
In other news, Consolidated Goldfields is moving forward with Teras Resources Inc.
Yn ein ty teras tri llawr Victoraidd mae'r piano ar y llawr isaf tra bod fy stydi inna' reit yn nhop y ty, gan olygu bod llawr cyfan rhyngom i socian y swn.
The contract and the proposed acquisition of Ezion Offshore Logistics Hub (Tiwi) and Teras Australia Pty Ltd will enable AusGroup to integrate marine base support and secure further opportunities in the burgeoning oil & gas sector in Northern Australia region.
Gyda mawr ein diolch i safiad Gwynfor a''''i gyd ddilynwyr ers hynny mae yma, mi dybiaf heddiw, groeso a theimlad bod Cymru a''''r Gymraeg yn gydnabyddiedig drwodd draw ar hyd y coridoriau a''''r teras urddasol.
PK) is pleased to announce that the Company has executed a Letter of Intent ("LOI") with Teras Resources Inc.
O'r tu allan mae'n ymddangos fel ty teras cyffredin, ond wrth fynd drwy'r drws mae bron fel camu i Dardis y Dr Who.
Ocean will retain a 42 percent interest in the project with Indomin Resources of Canada and PT Indo Teras of Indonesia holding the balance.