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(medicine) a grossly malformed and usually nonviable fetus

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Teras is in discussions with numerous companies and individuals on its Cahuilla and Montana projects and will update its shareholders when and if something is transacted.
He said Teras and UPP candidates agreed to comply with the terms and conditions for contesting as BN direct candidates.
The author of the introductory chapter 1 is Karl Pajusalu, chapters 2 and 3 on Estonian vowels and consonants are both written by Pire Teras, chapter 4 on Estonian word prosody by Partel Lippus, and chapter 5 on intonation by Eva Liina Asu.
Himani Semwal, a Dubai-based entrepreneur who bought some gold rings on Dhan Teras, said: "The price of gold has fallen but that has not triggered a buying spree as people feel gold is not a good long-term investment.
The Company has executed a Membership Interest Purchase Agreement ("MIPA") with Teras Investments Pte.
En el primero de ellos, Hanna Teras y Marianna Leikommaa describen un proyecto llevado a cabo en la Universidad de Tampere que pretende disenar un contexto de aprendizaje similar a un contexto profesional, mas realista, mediante la realizacion de tareas en un contexto real, habilidades que no suelen desarrollarse en el aula.
The tradition is called Dhanteras ("Dhan" means wealth and "teras" means 13), which marks the start of the worship of Goddess Lakshmi.
The Mars Entertainment Group, an entertainment brands in Turkey, has selected Powersoft distributor Asimetrik Sound, Lighting& Visual Systems to provide a professional solution for the rooftop nightclub venue Nu Teras, in the Taksim area of Istanbul.
Toppers and RS Teras are one-person junior dinghies.
Special mention goes to Thomas Donald and Jack Feetham from Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club who gained their Teras and completed their first series of races The final event of the series will take place at South Windermere.
"We're confident of a 60 per cent to 70 per cent growth in revenue this year but (it could go as high as a) 100 per cent growth," CFO Zafri Ab Halim told reporters at the launch of the firm's new family Takaful plan i-Great Teras.
7 and 14 at the picturesque locations of the Moda Teras cafe and the Hilton ParkSA, respectively.