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Synonyms for tepidness

a warmness resembling the temperature of the skin

lack of passion, force or animation

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He criticizes Canada's business elite for their tepidness compared to American business giants like Rockefeller, Walton, and Gates.
Behind the joyous escape of other's remained the simple sound of adulterated surnames difficult to pronounce, the ancient city, dusty barrios falling without sound, the pitiful laziness of the horse drawn cart, the young man beaten, trying to find the tepidness of his true homeland.
In response to Isherwood's American novels, though, the best Forster could muster was tepidness. He noted some "disappointments and difficulties" with The World in the Evening (1954).
In front of the press, the German minister justified his position by saying that the tepidness of the declaration from the eurozone did not have to be interpreted too negatively.
Nicolae Dica, coveted by Everton among others over recent months, is top scorer with three, but there is a tepidness in midfield plus a stack of injuries to key players and they look ill-equipped at the business end of the pitch.
Unfortunately, the tepidness of the central love triangle vitiates the film's political impact.
Paneloux identifies the small and average town with Sodom and Gomorrah, and its sin with the sin of Job: tepidness in their devotion to God (P, pp.
O'Huallachain and Sharpe hope to right what they perceive as a previous moral tepidness by pulling together in this two-volume set a comprehensive collection of anti-war articles, Episcopal statements, and Catholic doctrine to date.
Article 276 of the Military Justice Code, for example, makes it a crime for anyone, even a civilian, to say or write anything that will provoke "disorder" or "confusion" (alboroto) in the armed forces, or induce military troops to indifference (disgusto) or tepidness (tibieza) in their duties.