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a warmness resembling the temperature of the skin

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So that while we strive, though we commit faults, we are not lukewarm; when we give up struggling and let ourselves drift, then tepidity begins.
Will I be masculine tomorrow?) to be a new form of tepid exaltation--the tepidity itself the source of the excitement.
Observer Arsim Zekoli in Utrinski vesnik comments that the meeting in Brussels is an event which is nc even close to dramatic not fatal as one wants or imagines it to be, and it is totally predictable outcome of tepidity, determined by the modesty of the direct participants.
If, by a mischance, tepidity and mediocrity were to set in, they would soon be reflected among the Christian people.
The precise purpose of dialogue, whatever the circumstances, is to reanimate constantly our faith, to save it from tepidity, and to maintain us in a permanent state of Ijtihad that is a state of reflection and research." (203) Talbi has tried to bridge the gap between Islam and secularism by discussing separation of law and theology in Christianity and its unity in the shape of Shari'ah in Islam, suggesting that
Popes, kings, world prominent figures, all classes, come to deposit with the Heavenly Mother, Mary, their dreams, their concerns, their intentions, their fears, their tepidity, their expectations.
November 13, 2013 (KHARTOUM) - Senior officials in South Sudan have announced that relations with Sudan are moving in the right direction and expressed hope that cooperation between the two countries can develop into integration, describing tepidity and tensions which marked relations of the two neighbors as "temporary and casual".
Submitting to the de facto situation has helped preserve the bridges of dialogue stretched between the two countries, and it is clear that party leaders such as those of Mauritania's Union for the Republic (UPR - Union pour la Republique) and Morocco's Independence (Istiqlal) Party have had the providence of finding a political formula that would ensure restoring some warmth to relations eroded by tepidity. The most important aspect of this initiative is that it brings back to mind consensual frames of reference through which Moroccan political parties had engaged in playing roles that brought together different points of view.
I see forthcoming a great tepidity through sun-bleached slats, the
In the fourth circle (2) of Dante's Purgatory accidiosi (the slothfuls) espy "negligence and delay/ by us for tepidity in well doing displayed" (edit.