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Synonyms for tepid

Synonyms for tepid

lacking warmth, interest, enthusiasm, or involvement

Synonyms for tepid

moderately warm


Related Words

feeling or showing little interest or enthusiasm

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Conclusion: This meta-analysis showed the need for re-verification of commonly used practice including the use of tepid massage and proper body temperature measurement.
During the tepid recovery, income growth was high for a large fraction of states; 23 states had income growth higher than 8.5 percent.
Tepid external demand from key eurozone trading partners, inefficiencies in key export industries and collapsing global oil prices suggests Albanian exports will struggle in 2015, according to the report.
After that wash your face with tepid water and then put on your moisturizing cream.
BEIRUT: The Lebanese real estate sector witnessed tepid signs of recovery during the month of September 2013, with the number of transactions increasing to 5,993, up from 5,756 transactions in August, according to the Finance Ministry.
''That tepid growth we've seen, (the economy) not being able to reach escape velocity, continues to be the story,'' Sorenson said.
Global oil demand will be sluggish throughout 2013 as economic expansion remains tepid, the West's energy agency said, also predicting comfortable oil supply levels, which could alleviate oil price pressures on consumers.
ISLAMABAD -- The United States recovery continues to be tepid. At the same time, risks have intensified, including from the worsening of the euro area crisis as well as the uncertainty over domestic fiscal plans.
1 INGREDIENTS 375g strong bread flour, pinch salt, 225ml tepid water (38C), 10g sugar, 25g fresh yeast or 3 tblspns dried, 50ml olive oil.
Summary: Manchester United have left France after a tepid Champions League draw against Olympique Marseille at the Stade Velodrome.
However, given Rooney's tepid form since he suffered the first of a succession of ankle injuries in Munich last March, the 25-year-old accepts there was an element of payback as well.
Overall, the state has had only a tepid pace of job growth since July, he said, "consistent with a tepid recovery."
Some build-up of "sleep" may be normal for Missy and may only require you to gently bathe it away each day with some tepid water.
sanctions, though a good first step, are quite tepid. And they are tepid because there are other members of the Security Council who want to keep doing that business with Iran.
Coming on the heels of a tepid 0.6% December same-store sales increase, the decision was announced as part of a restructuring that also includes closing the company's two ProFoods Restaurant Supply locations.