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a Native American tent

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"We took one along to Oswestry Military Vehicle Show as a tepee for our display and the weather was horrendous with squalls of heavy rain and basically everyone started taking shelter under our tepee.
Indoor tepees are taking off in New York, and not just among wide-eyed newcomers nostalgic for home.
FUN DAY OUT: Matthew Laidler, eight, on the water slide; above right, Robbie Dawson, four, on the climbing wall Lewis Vinnicombe outside the tepees; right, Milly Brown, Aaron Burton and Jessica Towns on the spacehoppers
Holley presents Tipis, Tepees, Teepees: History and Design of the Cloth Tipi, an extraordinary history of a cloth dwelling design that has been used in dozens of cultures since the dawn of civilization.
Activities will also include free food from different nationalities living locally, flag-making workshops, henna tattooing, drama workshops, live music and dancing plus yurts and tepees to decorate the Tiber Street field.
They provide an outline of the proof, tepees and constellations, regularity, the core section (proof of Lemma 2.4), random graphs, a summary and a glossary.
Farewell Bend also has a pair of tepees (also available at Clyde Holliday, Lake Owyhee and Unity Lake state parks).
"That's pretty much all I do now." His catalog includes custom, semi-permanent structures as well as tepees, wall tents and bedrolls.
A fidgety white-tailed deer feeds near one of the two tepees found on the ranch, surrounded by snowcapped peaks.
FIVE tepees will take centre stage at the Urdd National Eisteddfod in Anglesey as special attention is paid to attracting youngsters.
Six weeks in the Sioux Tepees; a fascinating first-person account of a woman's six-week captivity by the Sioux in 1862.
20,000 First Nation Peoples attended the first Calgary Stampede in 1912, surrounding the city with their tepees.
His first idea was to make Native American tepees but found that transporting them was a problem.
Bush beans that grow on compact stems and pole beans that clamber up tepees and trellises.