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a Native American tent

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In a recently unsealed affidavit used to secure a search warrant for Rivera's DNA, the house on Tepee and the victim's work van, police shed more light on the attack, which occurred in front of Rivera's parents' house at about 9 a.m.
They are waterproof and wind-proof and make ideal outdoor tepees and shelters.
Once this is complete, the snow tepee needs to sit for a period of one hour.
Add about 12 slightly larger sticks to the tepee. Then add a few more, slightly larger than the first.
Peugeot has given its Partner Tepee a spruce up for spring.
Categorised by spaciousness and Practicality, the Peugeot Partner Tepee remains the benchmark.
A spokesman said: "e parents/carers/family members/grandparents were informed about the tepee project through our newsletter and 'luggagetype' labels have been sent home so families can contribute their thoughts on 'What makes me happy' and these have been added to the guy rope attached to the tepee.
Settle down for the night in a Eurohike 10 person tepee in Meadow Floral.
Cars range from the company's most popular Citroen Berlingo and their long–wheelbase Fiat Doblo to the Peugeot Expert Tepee and Renault Kangoo.
WHEN I told friends I had been driving a Bipper Tepee for a week all I got was a quizzical look, followed by the obvious "what's a Bipper Tepee?".
outside the tepee (and his horse was fed in the foreign stable): the
Bursting with superlatives, he boasted: "I run the best paragliding B&B tepee outfit in all of Chale!" Who could argue with that?
Projects include a PVC tepee, sock puppet squid, $10 electric guitar, cardboard boomerangs and the Jitterbug robot.
In addition, there is St Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church used by Ukrainians and Icelanders from the village of Bjarmi, a Ukrainian parish hall, the former Poplar Heights School from Warren, a grist windmill, a 1921 CPR caboose and a tepee. Over the past decade 20 carpenters and several hundred other volunteers have worked on restoring buildings to the 1910 era: moving buildings, foundation work, chinking log buildings, stripping wall paper, installing windows, painting, roofing, collecting and repairing furniture, collecting and displaying photos, dishes and utensils, cleaning etc.