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an undifferentiated part of a perianth that cannot be distinguished as a sepal or a petal (as in lilies and tulips)

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The company has upgraded 36% of the previously defined inferred mineral resource estimate to the indicated resource category on completion of the updated Canadian National Instrument (NI) 43-101 mineral resource estimate for Tepal Property.
urophylla, female flowers had two large tepals, as did most male flowers, but total tepal area of male flowers was 80% greater than that of female flowers.
TF 1 (circular) 1 (circular) 1 (circular) SP 1 1 1 SE 1 1 1 PB = primary bract; SB = secondary bract; TB = tcrtiaiy bract; FP = female flower primordium; C = carpel; TF = tepal of female flower; SP = pollen tube entering the stigma via papillate stigmatic cells, absent (0), present (1); SE = pollen tube entering the stigma via non-papillate stigmatic cells or intercellular spaces, present (0), absent (1) Table 3 A comparison of male flower and cyme among genera in Betulaceae Alnus Betula Corylus No.
laxa, however differs by its inner tepal blade deeply folded, filaments erect, and style with fused branches in the proximal part.
For the remainder of 2010 the company intends to focus its exploration efforts in Mexico where it plans systematic programs of drilling and development at both the Tepal and Libertad Projects.
In the view of Humberto Garch, general secretary of TEPAL, the Panama-based pan-regional TV association, "In Argentina, regulators will not allow Telcos to buy up cable TV companies and create monopolies or duopolies, as was the case in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil."
What looks like the subtending bract is in reality the outer median tepal. Among Alismatales, many Araceae (including Lemnaceae) have unicarpellate flowers (also the basal genus Gymnostachys; Buzgo, 2001), and some have unistaminate flowers (Mayo et al., 1997, 1998; Landolt, 1998).
Between meetings, participants can attend general interest conferences; the Premios ATVC Awards Ceremony (on Wednesday, November 30), which has already drawn a record number of applications--418 from Argentina and Latin America; the ATVC Technical Conferences; the SCTE (Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers, U.S.A.) Technical workshops (Thursday, December 1); or a TEPAL (Iberoamerican Pay Television Associations and Companies Organization) Board of Directors Meeting (Friday, Dec.
(2004) has reported that an active alkaloid 'Narciclasine' from Narcissus (daffodil) delayed the tepal senescence of cut iris flowers by inhibiting protein synthesis, thereby leading to the same conclusion.
We concluded that, in the helobial monocotyledons as a whole, inflorescence bracts, sepals, and tepals are homologous structures derived from the phyllomic appendages of the original multiaxial reproductive structure and, therefore, that the divergence between the petaloid and tepaloid groups involved divergence of the relationships between phyllome and subtended structure, at the same time as the axes of the original multiaxial structure became differentiated into "flower" and "inflorescence." Finally, in a number of helobial families (e.g., Najadaceae, Cymodoceaceae, and Zannichelliaceae) reproductive structures are so reduced that morphological approaches to patterns of evolution founder for lack of information.
They may represent tepals, staminodes, stipules, ligules, reduced bracts, leaves, branch systems, or novel structures (Clifford, 1987).
It has up to 15 pure white or pink-flushed tepals - a combination of petals and the flower shields or sepals.
The third obstacle is that in the chill, the snowdrop clams up, and you have to employ a skillful squeeze of the bloom -- called the snowdrop pinch -- to get the three outer petals to move aside to reveal the markings of the inner petals, which botanists call tepals or segments.
Further, carbohydrate content in petals or tepals has been directly link to flower opening in tuberose (35).
Hedyosmum differs in having three tepals adnate to the ovary, which is therefore inferior; the female flowers are borne in thyrses of monochasial cymes in the axils of bracts, whereas the male flowers are single stamens borne in spikes with no subtending bracts.