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appointed for life and not subject to dismissal except for a grave crime

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Remember, tenure promises academic freedom to the tenured, not to those trying to obtain tenure.
With a tenured faculty member, the institution would struggle to remove him/ her without a mandatory retirement policy.
Under the new laws, it would be easier for teachers to be dismissed or laid off, and tenured teachers were not immune.
Now, to make matters worse, education districts in the US often find themselves with many of these inadequate but tenured teachers and, for fear of fighting the very powerful unions as a result of the money it will cost to settle each individual case, keep them on as substitute teachers on full pay, even if they don't work another day in school again.
Various factors have contributed to the decline in the percentage of tenuretrack or tenured faculty from one-third to one-quarter of the instructional workforce in U.S.
The court unanimously sided with the tenured teachers.
The contract would cover tenured and tenured-track faculty members but not the school's 900 "contingent faculty" who are appointed per term.
The appointment of faculty members serving under Tenured Track System on administrative posts such as Vice Chancellor, Director Research, Dean of a Faculty and Head of Department was a prerogative of the syndicates of public sector universities, it said.
At the University of Oregon, 753 faculty members either are tenured or are expected to achieve tenure in coming years.
NAWL had issued a challenge to firms in 2006, setting a test for elevating women to equity partner, chief legal officer, and tenured law professors in increased rates and numbers.
The lawsuit, filed by Russell Ramirez, staff counsel for the Texas State Teachers Association, of which the Texas Faculty Association is the arm focused on higher education, alleges that Juan Antonio Gonzalez, Dorothy Boven and Karen Fuss-Somer, who are all over 40 years old, lost their positions in the wake of the split because of policies that prioritized the retention of nontenured faculty members over tenured ones.
With tenured status, I'm free to advocate for equitable systems.
Dr Ishtiaq had petitioned the IHC in September 2013 to preserve his right to seniority, which, in his words, was in danger because of mala fide conduct of the QAU administration in the Petitioner's appointment as Tenured Associate Professor and his eligibility for Professorship under Tenure Track System.
Given that, at present, the average salary and benefits of tenured USNH professors, who represent 77 percent of faculty, average $139,943 while non-tenured professors (the other 23 percent) currently average $103,420, one has to think that amounts to a significant financial investment from the universities' coffers to compensate those who are not in a classroom, adding value to teach students.
Percentage increase of administrative employees at Purdue University in the last decade: 54 percent, or eight times the growth of tenured and tenure-track faculty.