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Synonyms for tenth

position ten in a countable series of things

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coming next after the ninth and just before the eleventh in position


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Tenthly, a person feels like a failure who gave up and lastly, the hate that comes with the separation.
She increasingly acts as a Cassandra figure, "fret[ting] over rainforest depletions" and "bid[ding] a peremptory adieu to biodiversicals." The short final line of the pastiche offers no reprieve: "For tenthly she apprehends devenustation;" and so the pastiche concludes with a technical term that implies the heartfelt realisation that all this destruction means the loss of beauty.
To listeners' horror, I have been known to use the phrase "And tenthly .
Tenthly, after Hurricane Sandy and the giant tornado in Oklahoma, cyber criminals sent emails requesting donations for relief efforts.
This notation conforms to the wishes of John Stevens Senior UE in his 10 May 1804 will in which he states: "Tenthly the Lotts No.