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one of a series of hooks used to hold cloth on a tenter

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Tenterhook posts were used to stretch and dry washed woollen cloth in textile mills and the term "on tenterhooks" comes from the metal hooks attached to the posts.
So if you're on tenterhooks, metaphorically, you're stretched, strained, suspended.
He said: "On a recent visit I tried to find the Grade II listed tenterhook posts at Marsden.
Lord Justice Scott Baker, sitting with Mr Justice Jack and Mr Justice Mitting, told the court how the trouble between the men started when Mr Waiver had a fight with O'Hare's brother in the Tenterhook some days before the attack.
The unusual delay in the formation of cabinet has kept all the aspirants on tenterhooks and speculations were rife on who will be in and who would be kept out of the cabinet.
"Anyone who has suffered flooding will know the agony it causes but when you're responsible for a Grade I-listed house, we're on tenterhooks whenever it rains.
FX Action: USD-CAD is becalmed in the lower 1.3100s after correcting from yesterday's seven-week high at 1.3226, with market participants on tenterhooks into the final day of this week's trade talks between the U.S.
It is important that the education ministry sets clear calendar dates by when results of all examinations will be known to avoid unpredictable stunts that shudder, shock or keep families on tenterhooks.
TENTERHOOKS Irish Water and Meath County Council have told the family they will pick up the bill this time but the couple say they are on tenterhooks until they get written assurances.
The biggest, most alarming scare yet of terrorism ahead of the Rio Olympics that starts Friday kept a battalion of 600 Army soldiers on tenterhooks for an hour at the Athletes Village here Wednesday night.
The plot, scripted by South Korean genre auteur Na Hong-jin ("The Chaser," "The Yellow Sea"), makes no logical sense whatsoever, but Na's masterful use of suspense and gore will have audiences on tenterhooks for the entirety of the movie's 156-minute duration.
What was a tenter and its associated tenterhooks designed to hold?
The stadium is a sell-out, Gareth Bale's on the pitch for his 50th cap and Wales is on tenterhooks - united in willing our boys on to a win tonight.
Ian and Jane are on tenterhooks when the social worker calls to talk about baby Beth.