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In their first study, Beck's group developed 10 items designed to measure the sub-dimensions of quest labeled Tentativeness and Change.
Frustratingly, it did not arrive for at least an hour' instead, in place of the vigour and purpose of Saturday was a tentativeness that undermined most of their early approach-work.
Eckerd's tentativeness was reflected as well in the absence of new executives brought to Tampa to replace an earlier generation of retiring managers.
Authorship issues, meanwhile, are usually mentioned in passing with a kind of embarrassed tentativeness: what are probabilities in the prevailing scholarly consensus--that Marston did not write most of The Insatiate Countess, that Webster wrote most or all of the additional C-text scenes of The Malcontent--are merely vague possibilities here.
Jack and Jennifer relate to one another not so much with distaste as with painful tentativeness. Whereas Jack has decided to work through their difficulties his own way, and alone, Jennifer, who clearly still loves her husband, makes periodic efforts to break through the ice.
Instead, there was a strange tentativeness about the home side who wanted to play their way round a back-four superbly marshalled by Matteo and succeeded only in making life simple for Leeds.
More specifically, the research addresses three questions: (1) How do high school biology students conceptualize the meaning and interpretation of data, cultural embeddedness, and tentativeness as demonstrated by viable, opposing positions in the context of a socioscientific issue?
The tentativeness inherent in the question mark here and in the title will not be lost on anyone who follows contemporary politics.
But this is a trade suggested with the maximum possible tentativeness.
It was one thing for believers to come up against the positivist belligerence of Ernst Haeckel and quite another to encounter the tentativeness and open-minded tolerance of Albert Einstein.
The tentativeness of Perot System's IPO makes sense in the light of two factors: first, Ross Perot's wish not to repeat his experience with losing control of his last company, EDS; and second, a desire to protect the investment of Perot Systems la rgest customer, UBS.
That led to an utter tentativeness to what was being taught.
argues that those who would reduce the content of mysticism to the mystic's own verbal interpretation of the mystical encounter rest their philosophical interpretation of religious experience on an unsound religious epistemology to which James, despite the tentativeness and groping that characterizes his entire philosophical project, offers a suggestive alternative.
"People have a certain amount of tentativeness about doing this, but if it's properly described among at-risk people, it won't be viewed as an alternative to using condoms.
But this tentativeness need not be a problem, since the field of an inclusive philosophy of religion grown beyond its Western roots is still so very young.