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something that acts like a tentacle in its ability to grasp and hold

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any of various elongated tactile or prehensile flexible organs that occur on the head or near the mouth in many animals

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In lobate ctenophores like Mnemiopsis, the body is flattened in the tentacular plane and expanded along the sagittal plane (Fig.
Peristomium with four pairs of tentacular cirri, the longest ones reaching setiger 12.
The coordinated tentacular response in cubomedusae is similar to the crumpling response of hydromedusae that can be induced by stimulation of an exumbrellar conducting system and involves an excitable epithelium (Mackie and Passano, 1968; Spencer, 1975, 1978; Josephson and Schwab, 1979; Mackie, 2004b).
Segmento peristomial mas corto que el prostomio, con 2 pares de cirros tentaculares, los dorsales mas largos que los ventrales, formados por 23 y 15 artejos respectivamente.
For lateral views of the statolith in the sagittal or tentacular plane, 1-2-mm thick slices of the aboral ends of larger animals were cut parallel to either plane with dissecting and iridectomy scissors.
Straight ahead was a tentacular cluster of Tyvek-and-foam-tipped steel prongs.
Tentacular cirri short, fusiform, dorsal one slightly longer than ventral one.
Not included in the data set, but suggested, is the pattern of invasion, because patients with squamous cell carcinoma with a dyscohesive, tentacular pattern of infiltration have a higher risk of recurrence compared with those with pushing borders.
In a suitably tentacular manner, the past and future, historical and fictive, collapse and re-constitution, all vibrantly conspire to illuminate what is subcutaneous to the everyday.
Oval-shaped body, about 30 setiger; elytra 15 pairs, with scattered papillae; prostomium with globular ocular lobes; facial tubercle present; long median ante nna with ceratophore; long palps with small scattered papillae; tentacular cirrus long and thin; dorsum without or with very few felted notosetae, elytra visible; harpoon-shaped notosetae absent; notosetae long, notosetae all smooth, of two kinds: stout, smooth sabrelike, long, curved over dorsum and fine capillary setae; neurosetae of anterior few segments with extra teeth, some bipinnate; ventral surface and parapodia covered with globular papillae (Amaral & Nonato, 1982).
Longitudinal muscle contraction in the tentacles is responsible for two separate behaviors: tentacular shortening for feeding and tentacular crumpling for protection (Satterlie, 2014).
Condylactis gigantea displays two main morphotypes, particularly with respect to color in the tentacular tips, which can be categorized as the green tip (Fig.
En segundo lugar, por las consecuencias de sumision a un endeudamiento tentacular que este instrumento crediticio provoco al exigir anualmente avales o codeudores solidarios y, en tercer lugar, por los altos costos economicos y personales que implica para los deudores tener que responder a sus compromisos financieros mes tras mes.