tent stitch

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a small diagonal needlepoint stitch

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But the beginning of the century was notable for the revival of 'tent stitch' and the year 1810 is generally accepted as the arrival in England of Berlin wool work.
Lodging on these fishing expeditions came in the form of an enormous canvas tent stitched together by a woman named Hillary, who felt entitled to plaster her name on the front door flap.
His family's simple stone house is a few kilometres away, but here, his only shelter is a makeshift tent stitched together from old clothing scraps and empty chicken-feed sacks.
Liverpool Cathedral may be unlikely surroundings for an artist who has notoriously presented the world with a condom-littered unmade bed, a tent stitched with the names of everyone she has ever slept with - later destroyed in a fire - and other sexually-provocative fayre.
Silk, wool, metallic threads, and beads on linen canvas; predominantly tent stitched, 24 x 52" (61.6 x 134 cm).