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flap consisting of a piece of canvas that can be drawn back to provide entrance to a tent

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I lifted the corner of the tent flap and returned to the grayness of G--.
On top of that, a goat went into labor and was making the most pitiful cries right outside our tent flap.
Oh, they've had some laughs on the road, like the windy day at the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center when the tent flap had to be closed to protect the musicians.
Because, let's face it, we all know the only time laughing at rural oddballs and bumpkins isn't pant-wettingly hilarious is when you peer out your tent flap while camping to find them dancing naked round a burning wicker effigy of the goat god Pan.
The one main tent flap was tied open all day and lowered at night.
From tent or cabin, a network of trails and roads--paved and unpaved--starts right outside the door or the tent flap. The options for mountain bikers are broad, from gentle to gonzo.
After he unzipped the tent flap, he entered and set the table in the middle of the floor.
Such an introduction seems to herald wrenching drama to come, but from the moment Redgrave's spent, physically crushed Hecuba crawls onto the stage through a tent flap, the cold disconnect between the tragedy's lacerating pathos and its unemotional, Anglicized execution becomes apparent.
However, for tonight, I wrap my aching body in my sleeping bag, unzip our tent flap so I can count the stars, and feel the warm glow that comes from accomplishing a difficult task.
I peeked out of the tent flap and there was Tommy, stark naked with his clothes under his one arm, running like a maniac - pursued by a furious Guide mistress.
A simple porch with an awning almost like a raised tent flap is the only sign of entrance and welcome.
"We wanted to let them have a little nose under the tent flap to see what we do," he said.
A polar bear kindly turned up at the tent flap early one morning to remind them that they will have more to contend with than freezing conditions and countless pressure ridges.
One son is dressed up like the other, which looks ridiculous but somehow it works, and meanwhile outside the tent flap Rebecca our mother is clutching her forehead and doing double takes, because cause she's the one that cooked up the whole mishegoss.