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a generalization of the concept of a vector

any of several muscles that cause an attached structure to become tense or firm

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Prospective customers will have the peace-of-mind that Tensor is a financially stable company, whose track record, experience and technical & professional abilities are second to none.
Cambridge, United Kingdom, June 07, 2019 --(PR.com)-- After an intensive competitive tender process, Tensor plc, the UK based, award winning designer, manufacturer and installer of security, access control, attendance monitoring and energy management & monitoring products has been placed on the ESPO public sector Surveillance Equipment/Services Framework (No.
The trace of the conformation tensor can be related to the mean square chain extension as follows [24]:
Therefore, the rate of strain tensor, [??](r), and the vorticity tensor, [omega](r), have the following forms:
The second E-W compressional paleostress tensor is local and overprint the NE-SW paleostress tensor.
A cloud-based offering, TeamViewer Tensor taps into rising enterprise demand for SaaS solutions that feature maximum security and greater flexibility compared to on-premises server installations.
The beauty of such curvature tensor lies in the fact that it has the flavour of Riemann curvature tensor R if the scalar triple (a, b, c) [equivalent to] (0, 0, 0), Conformal curvature tensor C [13] if (a, b, c) [equivalent to] (- [1/[2n-1]], - [1/[2n-1]], 1), Conharmonic curvature tensor [??] [16] if (a, b, c) [equivalent to] (- [1/[2n-1]], - [1/[2n-1]], 0), Concircular curvature tensor E ([2], p.
where [mathematical expression not reproducible] is the symmetric traceless part of the l-fold tensor product of n with itself (see Appendix A, Definition 4 and Section 3).
In this paper, we exploit a calibration algorithm based on tensor approach for partially calibrated bistatic MIMO radar.
In the standard textbook treatment, one first introduces the gravitational Lagrangian L, which is [square root of (-g)]R for general relativity, while the Lagrangian is a polynomial in the Riemann tensor for general Lanczos-Lovelock gravity.
Tensor exponential function is an important function that is widely used, owing to its key role in the solution of tensor differential equations [1-4].
[11] introduced the tensor model and tensor decomposition to the issue of recovering missing traffic data.
As is in [1], an order m dimension n tensor [mathematical expression not reproducible] over the complex field C is a multidimensional array with all entries
Each source mechanism of a point source is mathematically fully described with a full moment tensor. It carries information about the orientation of the fault plane, sense of slip on the fault and the mode of the fracture.