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the physical condition of being stretched or strained

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Among those who reported an EDI, gender did not significantly predict the in tensity or reactions to EDIs.
This is an exercise in tensity that is clearly above [VT.sub.2] for all participants in both groups (Tables 1 and 2).
His tableware may appear simple, which ultimately lends them power, but they are invested with aesthetic and metaphoric tensity. For Alu Leach-Jones, a sculptor who is also influenced by poetry, metaphor is a major means of freeing the imagination.
min (-1) 26.7 [+ or -] 4.6 SPRINTS, 0.39 [+ or -] 0.10 0.34 0.44 n.min (-1) Intensity 0.67 [+ or -] 1.40 -0.06 1.39 Composite Proficiency, 26.2 [+ or -] 3.8 24.2 28.1 % Abbreviations: HIR, high-intensity running; Intensity Composite Score, Sum of the Z-scores in the Moderate-Intensity Running, high-Intensity Running and Number of Sprints category; LIR, Low-In tensity Running; MIR, Moderate-Intensity Running; TD, Total Distance Covered.
Water polo is a high-in tensity intermittent aquatic sport which places large physical demands on the participants [1] and involves esseE repetitive physical motions that are common to swimming and baseball pitching.
When knee joint deviated from the initially perfect lateral loading condition to some kind of oblique bending condition, flexion would emerge to mitigate internal tensity in knee joint caused by lateral bending.
"Although the City allowed a maximum (tensity of 15 units an acre, no evidence has been produced indicating that a variance was granted to the Gables regarding the ingress/egress requirements or the setback requirement"
Voorhees's psychosis, creating a mood of aggressive tensity that continues through the sustained violence she inflicts on the panicked Alice.
Tactical Military fiber optic cable has a high tensity local capacity for excellent termination of tactical/harsh environment military connector styles.