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Synonyms for tensity

the physical condition of being stretched or strained

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A sudden passion of anxious impatience rushed through my veins, gave me such a sense of the in- tensity of existence as I have never felt before or since.
Tenders are invited for Hose Pipe Heavy Duty Transparent Pvc Base Thermoplastic Compound Re-Inforced With Braided High Tensity Nylon Filament Yarn For Pneumatic Use Confirming To Is: 12492/88 Type-3 In Multiple Length Minimum Of 50 Mtrs.
Tactical Military fiber optic cable has a high tensity local capacity for excellent termination of tactical/harsh environment military connector styles.
Smith's welcome return to form comes just at the right time as she eases into another campaign of high tensity racing building up to the European Cross-Country Trials in November.
Batuh, the youngest daughter, has caught on the topic of the conversation, stops playing, and stresses the tensity by softly, but firmly addressing her mother: I want to go with you, to see 'baba'