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The project will be conducted by combining techniques from their areas of research with my expertise on six-dimensional SCFTs and their tensionless strings.
It is at advanced age, parents must be with their caring children to lead a tensionless life, besides making their children and grandchildren happy by their presence.
AxoGen's products offer a full suite of surgical nerve repair solutions including Avance Nerve Graft, the only off-the-shelf commercially available processed nerve allograft for bridging severed nerves without the comorbidities associated with a second surgical site, AxoGuard Nerve Connector, a porcine submucosa ExtraCellular Matrix (ECM) coaptation aid for tensionless repair of severed nerves, and AxoGuard Nerve Protector, a porcine submucosa ECM product used to wrap and protect injured peripheral nerves and reinforce the nerve reconstruction while preventing soft tissue attachments.
P] = the potential function of each genotype in a tensionless environment, [Y.
He hopes to "abyde" (1588, 1616) in a quiet place of safety protected by "hoolynesse" (1628) and characterized by motionless, tensionless "ese" (1628, 1633, 1643).
The liver with gallbladder was replaced in the abdominal cavity, after adhesiolysis of the lung from pleura and diaphragm, whereupon the diaphragm was closed tensionless by running technique with non-absorbable sutures.
Ruin is present in this tensionless drama, reduced to the stasis of oratorio.
This Hadith Revival, like the late eighteenth-century Sufi reform movements, was a religious and spiritual response within orthodoxy to the shambles of a religious culture in such a state of protracted, tensionless equilibrium that degeneration was inevitable.
Similarly, the cruder doctrines of socialist realism argue for a tensionless, affirmative (to use Adorno's terminology) mimeticism precisely because under socialism, life has been, or will imminently be, perfectly reconciled with the universal will--in this case not of spirit but of the proletariat.
Allied to the desire for homeostasis in the tragic protagonists is a feeling of envy for the tensionless state that has already been attained by their deceased loved ones, an envy which strengthens their own resolve to depart from "the world of hazard and adventure" at the earliest opportunity (Victory 33).
After European neo-Nazi terrorists try to reignite the Cold War with a stolen nuclear bomb, the premiere of Ben Affleck's The Sum of All Fears (Channel 4, 9pm) turns into a clumsy, chaotic, tensionless film which implodes on itself.
10) This dynamic tension between extreme control and anarchy has thus not simply disappeared into a tensionless stereotype in the earlier Gothic writers, which I think Tanner (whose targets are elsewhere, and later, in Ruskin, Proust, James, etc.
The Allround Winder includes an accumulator with tensionless roll carriage and a slitting and crosscutting unit.
The ensuing fight would seem gratuitous violence among stock characters--the Mexican, of course, is beaten to a pulp--as flat and tensionless as cardboard.
The physical analog of photons in C-space corresponds to tensionless p-loops, i.