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a headache located at the back of the head

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A A tension headache is the most common type of headache, It usually stems from muscle tightness in the scalp, head or neck.
These light sources cause eye strain, and thus often result in tension headaches or migraines.
A migraine is much less common compared to a tension headache. It is identified as a vascular headache, brought on by a combination of blood vessels enhancement and the launch of chemicals leading to swelling, pain, and additionally swelling of the temporal artery.
Visiting the clinic and conducting all medical tests and analysis proved that she has been suffering tension headache and so she was treated with Pulsed Radiofrequency, which proved to be effective and relieved her from all pain.
Acupressure - applying finger pressure to certain points in the body - can ease tension headaches.
The most common headache is a tension headache, which often results from muscle tension and stress in the neck and shoulders and may last for several hours.
Tension headaches often are described as tightness or vice-like pain around the forehead or back of the head.
The more intense a tension headache gets, the more it resembles the sharp, throbbing pain of a migraine headache.
Victoria Abreo, alternative medicine editor for the website BellaOnline, says that anyone suffering from a tension headache can employ a simple acupressure technique to help relieve the pain: "With one hand, press the shallow indention in the back of the head at the base of the skull.
Treatments for tension headache are over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications in the recommended dosage for children and adolescents and eliminating events that may be triggering the headache.
"But most of the land was swamp when we started, full of decaying matter, which emits tons of methane gas," Marie said, as she massaged her temples with her one free hand in an obvious effort to stave off a tension headache. "And around those swamps, trees will eventually sprout and grow naturally, and they will emit methane gas!
Its pain-relieving qualities are indicated for tension headache, muscular pain, and arthritic complaints.
The poll, which was carried out in Uppsala, showed that one in six pupils in elementary school had experienced migraine and almost one in four had experienced tension headache during the last year.
He said he diagnosed 'tension headache brought on by the effort required to plough through an 870-page book'.