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a measuring instrument for measuring the moisture content of soil

a measuring instrument for measuring the tension in a wire or fiber or beam

a measuring instrument for measuring the surface tension of a liquid

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The results for shoulder strength measured with the tensiometer for the hug-up test, EC test, and FC test are summarized in [Table 3].
Figure 3 shows the dependency of the dynamic contact angle to the contact line velocity for the forced spreading experiments done for two different weight ratios of mixtures of PEG/water on smooth Teflon plates using tensiometer equipment applying the Wilhelmy plate method.
Irrigation scheduling was done with the aid of tensiometers and the quantity of water applied was measured with flow meters.
The practical reading range for the Quickdraw tensiometer starts from 0 kPa (saturated) to 77.
Hence, it was decided to confirm the previous findings using a more accurate instrument for interfacial measurements: using the spinning drop tensiometer.
When the tensiometer is placed against a soil surface the water in the stone equilibrates to the pore pressure in the soil.
We recall the owner of one Centurion who deferred this work despite aileron cables that were smacking the bottom of the wing skin--hardly any tension at all measured on a calibrated tensiometer.
A gauge on the top surface of the tensiometer that gives visual indication of the tension being applied (up to 60 foot-pounds of torque).
TEXAS-500 interfacial tensiometer, made in America.
Tensiometer An instrument that measures the tension at which water is held in the soil.
DCA of water on solid surfaces was determined at 25[degrees]C using the Wilhelmy plate method on a Kruss K12 Processor Tensiometer with K121.
In using the Colpexin sphere pull test to objectively assess pelvic floor musculature strength and tone, a tensiometer is attached to the sphere and then the patient is asked to contract her pelvic floor muscles.
The surface tension of the polymer solution was measured by using Nima tensiometer (model: DST9005 Dynamic Tensiometer).