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having inflections to indicate tense

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5) The distinction between tensed and untensed views of time, in conjunction with the healthy hermeneutic circle between narrative and time, offers a model for understanding the relationship between the already-there-ness of the future in fiction and the apparently open future in lived experience.
For the MLU controls, there was a significant interaction between finiteness and verb class, with irregular verb types significantly more likely to be used in a tensed form in obligatory past tense contexts.
Ludlow argues for a tensed theory of time on the basis of a Davidsonian-type absolute truth-conditional semantics.
In the 1960s, the debate was still essentially one about translation: could a tensed token sentence, such as 'The comet is now visible', be translated without loss of meaning into a tenseless sentence, such as 'The comet's being visible is simultaneous with this utterance'?
Even before you perceive the situation, your muscles have tensed up," Tataryn says.
Anti-realism about the past is apparently in conflict with our acceptance of a set of systematic linkages between the truth-values of differently tensed sentences made at different times.
This article considers whether the self-ascription theory can succeed in providing a tenseless (B-theoretic) account of tensed belief and timely action.
Bourne's book argues that we ought to take presentism very seriously not only because it can overcome the objections often raised against it, but because it is the only plausible tensed theory of time.
In its first part, Cockburn does indeed address the current debate between advocates of tensed and tenseless views of time.
Since the discovery of Minkowski spacetime many have felt that special relativity conflicts with the conception of time found in ordinary thought and language, namely, the tensed theory of time.
He sighed, tensed his shoulders, breathed hard and even clenched his fists during the confrontation with Petrocelli, attorney for relatives of Ronald Goldman.
According to his thesis of presentism, the property of presentness is ascribed by every tensed sentence of every natural language, be it past, present or future tensed.
00--In his companion volumes by Kluwer, Thee Tensed Theory of Time: A Critical Examination and The Tenseless Theory of Time: A Critical Examination, William Craig makes a persuasive case for the A- (tensed) theory of time and against the B- (tenseless) theory of time.
If we treat tensed terms as predicates attaching to singular terms or bound variables, then iterations like "(event e is past) is future" are ill-formed.