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small often spiny insectivorous mammal of Madagascar

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Description of a new species of subfossil shrew tenrec (Afrosoricida: Tenrecidae: Microgale) from cave deposits in southeastern Madagascar.
Reported risk factors included close contact with domestic pets (4 patients); presence of livestock in the surroundings (4 patients); presence of wild fauna (rats, tenrecs, dogs, cats) in the surroundings (4 patients); rat extermination (3 patients); outdoor activities, such as jogging, picnicking, walking, gardening (3 patients); or house cleaning (2 patients).
The main drive behind selecting the group of mammals that includes the tenrec comes from a plan to determine which parts of the human genome provide crucial functions and which don't, says Adam Felsenfeld, a program officer of NHGRI.
Mama tenrec and her kids listen for this sound to help find one another.
Serologic and virologic results from rodent and tenrec samples collected during and after the epizootic 2008-2009 periods were negative for RVFV; 72.
ANIMAL MAGIC Nicky Broadbent, manager of Askham Bryan College's Animal Management Centre with a Madagascar Tenrec hedgehog - one of the many species at the college's York centre
In the Internet age, online content marketing is the best way for lawyers and law firms to establish their reputations and attract new business," said Per Casey, founder of web technology consulting firm Tenrec.
Nine mammals made the list: African savannah elephant, orangutan, nine-banded armadillo, domestic cat, European hedgehog, rabbit, guinea pig, lesser hedgehog tenrec, and European common shrew.
The impact of selective logging on forest structure and tenrec population in western Madagascar.
Kenny Coogan, CPBT-KA, is a regular pet and garden columnist and has authored an ecological themed children's book titled "A Tenrec Named Trey (And other odd lettered animals that like to play).
The impact of selective logging on forest structure and tenrec populations in western Madagascar, Oecologia (Berlin) 84:126-133.
And, on Tuesday, March 29 and Thursday, March 31, there will be a chance to meet Rocky the Bearded Dragon, Kaa the Sand Boa and Jovi the Tenrec from 1.
Unbelievably, the lesser hedgehog tenrec is really the cousin of elephants, aardvarks and sea cows and not closely related to hedgehogs at all.