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Treacy, however, was not to be moved and the price stayed at one shilling and fourpence although later it would be raised to one shilling and sixpence and finally to one shilling and tenpence due to increases in the cost of basic foodstuffs.
In their lodgings afterward, over drinks bought with the seven pounds and tenpence the surgeon had given them, Burke, Hare, and their respective mistresses considered the future.
Clement Danes accounts, where in 1557 "those clothes which seruyd on the churche wales on palme sonnday" were borrowed from the Earl of Arundel and his servants tipped tenpence for bringing them.(24) Other parishes must have owned hangings, since accounts from, for instance, St.
WHAT other shops allow people to just sit inside free of charge (there is never any pressure to have a bet - a tenpence piece can last several hours if needs be), enjoying shelter from the elements, banter and camaraderie?
It sounded like he was asking me if I had 'tenpence for a cup of tea'."
In fact I actually spent two shillings and tenpence, a 17th part of my wage.
1 The Beatles recorded their first album, Please Please Me 2 The Profumo affair rocked the Tory government 3 From Russia With Love hit the cinema screens 4 President John F Kennedy was assassinated impossipuzzles Laura looked her brother's hand, which only contained some tenpence pieces.
Tenpence the first, twenty pence the second, forty pence the third, and so on.
It's all tenpences and pennies, but you must have taken some pennies for something else," replied her brother.
The Post Office Tower was opened impossipuzzles Linda looked at the tenpences in her brother's hand.
"Well, I have half as many tenpences as pennies, but my pennies are worth half as much as my fivepences, and that's all."
1 Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden married the Prime Minister's niece, Clarissa 2 The winter Olympics took place in Oslo 3 Oxford won the Boat Race in a blizzard 4 Israel's first President Chaim Weizmann died impossipuzzles 3 Linda looked at the tenpences in her brother's hand.
impossipuzzles "I've only got tenpences and pennies," said Jack.