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the adult male singing voice above baritone


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Yang brought down the house with his debonair tenor voice that soared effortlessly in the high C, especially in Brodsky's 'Be My Love' (popularized by Mario Lanza).
The programme recounts how John Collinson, severely injured at the Somme in 1916, woke from an anaesthetic and began singing in a beautiful tenor voice. Born in 1892, he was raised in Wallsend, Tyneside, and worked in a shipyard before going to Australia.
Renowned composers including Dilys Elwyn-Edwards, Alun Hoddinott, William Mathias and Grace Williams wrote a number of works for Mr Bowen's distinctively warm and fearlessly high tenor voice.
THAT memorable tenor voice filled the cathedral: "You'll always be there in our hearts, our special absent friend."
James Magnus-Johnston crafted a compelling Poet just as easily as he spun verse, his clear tenor voice carefully enunciating each word.
Among those who received first-place awards from Thurston were Ryan Strong for oboe and tenor voice; Laura Duffield, alto voice; Chase Brewer, bass voice; Chris Ridgeley, baritone voice; Jillian Westover, soprano voice; and Wesley Coleman, high saxophone.
Jeff has a magnificent tenor voice and has had the honor of being a guest on several television programs.
His smooth tenor voice was immediately joined by many voices from the audience.
He had the most beautiful, warm tenor voice. Loved this, tears are flowing xx nothing like a Welshman singing x Kerry Cahill Mal Buck from Tonyrefail ...
Known for his deeply personal songs, alto-high tenor voice and unique guitar play, the singer is described as "one of rock and roll's greatest songwriters and performers ...
Danny inherited his rich tenor voice from his steelworker father Arthur, embarking on a career in pubs and clubs before turning professional and pairing up as a straight man with Redcar comic Ginger Durkin.
As Lieutenant Pinkerton, Gwyn Hughes Jones portrayed the role of a cad with his light and lyrical tenor voice to perfection.
Russell Hitchcock's trademark tenor voice and Graham Russell's simple songs made Air Supply a group which would go the distance.
There was a definite angry edge to the tender tenor voice of Mark Padmore and the Hanno Muller-Brachmann's mournful bass-baritone could only add to the anguish.
[bar] Paul Potts, Sophie Evans and more @ Ynysangharad Park, Pontypridd (today) HE may have swept all before him with his incredible tenor voice and equally astounding teeth, but Port Talbot's Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts is a bona fide singing superstar.