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a musician who plays the tenor saxophone


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His collaborations with fellow tenor saxophonist Don Weller have been favourites, both in live performance and on record, and the drummer Spike Wells has been another longterm collaborator.
Tolbert's uncles included tenor saxophonist Lester Young and drummer Lee Young Sr., a senior executive for Motown Records.
Born in Little Rock in 1940, Pharoah Sanders is a tenor saxophonist known worldwide not just for the significance of his early work with some of jazz's most celebrated artists (especially John Coltrane) but for the continued relevance of his performances and compositions today.
AWARD-winning tenor saxophonist Karen Sharp takes to the bandstand in a Wrexham jazz concert this month.
Who was the English jazz tenor saxophonist and jazz club owner?
The first disc consists of studio recordings of Fuller originals (plus a very fine account of the Kenny Dorham composition "Minor's Holiday"); alongside tenor saxophonist Keith Oxman, trumpeter Al Hood, pianist Chip Stephens, bassist Ken Walker, and drummer Todd Reid, Fuller fairly blazes his way through skillful arrangements of sharply composed tunes.
Summary: BEIRUT: Suavely gripping the butt of a fading cigarette, Ben Webster - the American jazz tenor saxophonist - eyes his audience warily.
Paul, now 32, who was born and brought up in Crook, County Durham, is a tenor saxophonist with the BBC Big Band which is playing in the capital for the first time ever in a New Year's Eve concert.
American jazz tenor saxophonist born in New Jersey in 1918.
His status as a major international star was cemented in the late Seventies, when he spent four years in American jazz tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon's group.
6, Applause, Annie and Bye Bye Birdie composer Charles Strouse will be feted with an 80th birthday party featuring jazz artist Eric Comstock, vocalist Barbara Fasano and tenor saxophonist Harry Allen.
Born in Kansas City in 1909, tenor saxophonist Ben Webster worked with a number of great jazz orchestras before becoming Duke Ellington's first major tenor soloist.
McMurray and his POCKET ORCHESTRA will be performing a wide variety of standards to suit all tastes with tenor saxophonist BRYN COLLINSON between 7.30 and 9.30pm.
So is avant-garde vet David Ware, an extraordinary tenor saxophonist, who has been a mainstay on the scene like Parker and probably has the most recognition outside the confined free jazz world.