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a clef that puts middle C on the fourth line of the staff

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This Allegro in common time, set entirely in tenor clef, opens with a martial two-measure figure affirming the home key of C major both through triadic outlines in the cello and repeated eighth-notes in the basso reinforcing either the pitch CI or a chordal outline of the triad.
Lister's more substantial emendation, presumably for the convenience of cellists, is the transcription of the gamba part to tenor clef rather than retaining the original alto, perhaps because the St.
Payne deals sensibly with the problems of instrumentation, rewriting the third part in tenor clef in the score but retaining the original alto clef in the parts.
Many of the running passages in the lower strings, for example, involve difficult patterns in tenor clef (including the double basses), and toward the middle of the piece there are numerous subdivided quintuplets - not an easy task for many younger players.
He suggests that a bassetto line should be notated in the tenor clef.
21] His parts are always notated in tenor clef and have a range of c to f'.
5d, the cellos, again in the tenor clef, have the combined angular and linear theme - the first with strokes, the second with dots - while the basses, in bar 383, give out the fourth of the five themes, with strokes in pure accentual meaning, as proved by the third minim that is tied to its neighbour.