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the act of hitting a tennis ball with a tennis racket

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Riek, Chapman, and Milner (1999) examined a potential injury mechanism from a typical backhand tennis stroke performed by novice and advanced players and observed a significantly higher impact force at the moment of impact for the advanced players.
The authors cover the physical demands of tennis, the use of muscles in various tennis strokes, high-performance fitness testing, strength training, power training, tennis endurance training, program design and periodization, solid should stability, and a great many other related subjects over the course of the bookAEs sixteen chapters.
Soon, Durocher and Hart were practicing their first tennis strokes, taking junior lessons and learning to play as singles or with a partner on the court.
Obama exchanged a few table tennis strokes with a young woman, and told the crowd she was a novice.
Instead the PM spent his controversial Ibiza holiday polishing up his tennis strokes as well as visiting a hippy market and "chillaxing" at a villa owned by a pal.
Basics on ball skills, tennis strokes and court markings were the main focus with a few lucky youngsters asked to step on to the courts to take part in a number of competitions.
Participants had high praises for the coaching staff as they were patient in handling and teaching everyone the basic tennis strokes.
Sharing the cockpit with Lewis in the rain or seeing sizzling tennis strokes in sublime slow motion is a joy.
Children are grouped according to age, with beginners concentrating on developing ball skills and fundamental tennis strokes, while more advanced players cover spin techniques, footwork and tactical awareness.
5), whose recorded and edited tennis strokes were projected on a screen, served as the video opponent of each participant.
The elastic allows you to modify the motion so you can simulate actual tennis strokes (see illustrated example).
At Brandon, we will work in the gym for about an hour on rainy days and then go to a classroom and watch tennis videos so that the players can see textbook tennis strokes in action.
Using light weights in each hand, I mimic the heavy 'cut' Real Tennis strokes, using the left arm as well as the right to avoid the lopsided muscle development that the game imposes.
Exercisers also can train sport-specific movements such as tennis strokes and golf swings using the Cable Motion Gym.