tennis racquet

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a racket used to play tennis

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Among the winning attributes of HEAD's line of tennis racquets featuring Liquidmetal(R) alloys: "players say it has changed their games.
The HEAD ChipSystem series is sure to be the next revolution in tennis racquet technology and will be the catalyst that moves Head into the #1 position in the worldwide tennis racquet market," Head's Vice President for Summer Sports, Robert Marte, stated.
SGS Tennis Racquet Club, Category Lower Mix (B2/C) champion.
com) is proud to unveil its new product: personalized, embroidered grip covers for your tennis racquet.
The eldest sister, by two years, wasn't able to take up the option as our parents couldn't afford such things as the uniform, hockey stick and tennis racquet.
Volley Ball (NIVIA-Spot Volley) Shuttle Cock (Badminton) (YONEX Mavis -350), Box of 6 cocks,Table Tennis Racquet STAG Power Drive with casing
THE RACQUET HIM: Wilson Envy 100L tennis racquet, amazon.
The wood was only material for manufacturing of Tennis racquet, had now been totally outclassed by new high performance materials.
Many children, however, yearn to pick up a tennis racquet, but are denied the opportunity by the elitist policies and steep prices of clubs.