tennis racket

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a racket used to play tennis

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Mike realized that it is quite difficult to find a tennis racket online that would best suit his playing style.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global tennis racket market to grow at a CAGR of 2.
BOY:Wilson Roger Federer Junior Tennis Racket Starter Set, amazon.
15] have showed the evolution of the tennis racket and various parameters that affect serve speed, but have not identified clearly the maximum ball outbound velocity at various impact locations on the face of racket.
The Babolat Play will cost $555, about twice the price of a classic tennis racket.
Andy Murray pitched in yesterday, swapping his tennis racket for a baseball bat in California.
Major research in tennis racket innovation is based on analytical models that mimic impacts on the racket-face, in order to understand the influence of racket specifications on the player's performance (Allen et al.
Summary: A group in Queens, New York, create a 50ft high tennis racket.
You don't hear many people sleeping next to a kid's tennis racket just in case of a burglary, it's really silly.
Bill, an 11-year-old student at Worcester Arts Magnet School, had never swung a tennis racket - other than the virtual kind - but had a lot of fun passing a ball from his racket to his partner's during one of the drills at a Wednesday afternoon tennis clinic at the DCU Center.
LI NA hopes her success in reaching the Australian Open final will inspire more Chinese people to pick up a tennis racket.
Unlike many video games, Wii games require players to be on their feet and moving just as the virtual athletes on the screen are: pretending to swing a tennis racket or shoot a basketball, for example.
Australian Fahey, widely credited as the best and most athletic player ever to pick up a real tennis racket, takes on the North East's Jamie Douglas in a hotly-anticipated exhibition match.
The Frenchwoman took the title and a fabulous diamond-encrusted tennis racket to go with it 12 months ago in a straight sets victory against home favourite Kim Clijsters.