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the cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one


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Animal fat will be included in the make-up of the new tenner - this caused controversy among vegetarians when the new PS5 notes were launched.
But the eroding impact of inflation over time means a tenner has a relative purchasing power of only 13p, compared with what it could have bought in 1817 - the year of Austen's death - Aviva found.
LOCKER ROOM where tenners get haircuts (and occasional
TOUR what tenners who try to find their own way to the venue often
Astonishingly, many pro clubs baulk at even paying the tenner, claiming the kids were out of registration with their youth clubs when they moved.
He's pictured left with early bird tenner recipients Michelle Armstrong and Lynda Walker Picture above by IAN COOPER
The national launch of the Make Your Mark with a Tenner campaign was held yesterday and scores of secondary schools from our region are taking part.
I had pounds 17 change so I put the seven pound coins in my front pocket and tried to put the receipt and the tenner in my back pocket.
HAPPINESS: Lucky readers who received money included Malcolm Bailey, of Sefton, left' Shirley Small, of Rainford, and John Irving, of Croxteth' NO JOKE: Jane Parry and Ben Nair handed out tenners to readers Pictures: TONY KENWRIGHT
The Bank of England issued its first tenner in 1759 during a gold shortage.
The Make Your Mark With a Tenner venture is supported by Andrew Reynolds, patron of The Prince's Trust and founder of The Entrepreneur Channel.
But when one student tried to pass off a fake tenner, the Bank of England got wind of the promotion.
When an auction browser opened an old mother's cupboard it wasn't bare - it was stuffed with tenners and premium bonds.
COPS doled out a pounds 50 fine to a man who dropped a tenner in the street.
In our 4 Ball Payout - part of our great double chance Lottery Syndicate game - an astounding 4,220 readers will grab a tenner.